The Great Gujarat Wedding – The Ceremonies (Final Post)

Foreign Service LifeIndiaPhotography
January 8, 2019
Hello Readers! This is the 5th and final installment of my Gujarat Wedding series. Today’s post will be on the various ceremonies that we got to witness as guests. I’m gonna be honest, I might get a lot of this wrong. It wasn’t super clear what was going on during each of the ceremonies but […]

The Great Gujarat Wedding: The Clothing (Post 4)

Foreign Service LifeIndiaTravel
January 6, 2019
Nothing excited me (or freaked me out) more than the clothes. I was given this basic information in advance: – There will be 5 events over 3 days. – People change clothes for every event. – Jewelry is a must. The bigger, the better. You can never wear too much jewelry. – People dress FANCY […]

The Great Gujarat Wedding: The Mehndi (Post 3)

Foreign Service LifeIndia
January 5, 2019
On the day we arrived they were doing Mehndi for the ladies. Mehndi is what we would call a henna tattoo in the States and is very common before an Indian wedding (for both the bride and the women attending). It’s an ancient form of body art in which designs are created on a person’s […]

The Great Gujarat Wedding: The Food (Post 2)

Foreign Service LifeIndiaRestaurant Reviews/Food Topics
January 4, 2019
The food experience in Gujarat definitely merits its own post. For starters, it was all vegetarian, all the time. What was surprising was how many different distinct dishes they could make out of vegetables, especially given that the only bean they used was chickpeas. There was also no alcohol, as Gujarat is a dry state. […]

The Great Gujarat Wedding: An Overview (Post 1)

Foreign Service LifeIndiaTravel
January 3, 2019
I’m so excited to share this all with you. We just finished up what will undoubtedly be one of the coolest cultural experiences of our lifetimes – a 5 day wedding in a rural village in Gujarat!! How did we get this opportunity, you ask? Why only because of a friendship we made in Peru […]
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