Little c

Foreign Service Life
May 19, 2019
Three months ago I noticed that I had this strange little scratch on my chest. What was odd was that I didn’t remember scratching myself. So I slathered it with ointment each night, waiting for it to go away. No such luck – it just sat there, remaining unchanged day after day. I have a […]

Extraordinary Egypt – Part 2

Foreign Service LifeTravel
March 30, 2019
Hello again. Hopefully you aren’t sick of Egypt yet, as I still have one more post to do. Here are the first 3 in the series, in the event you missed them: Nia’s Blog Post (As in, Nia wrote it and took the pictures) My Blog Post about Nia in Egypt Extraordinary Egypt Part 1 […]

Extraordinary Egypt (Minus My One True Disappointment)

Foreign Service LifeTravel
March 27, 2019
It was truly and incredible trip folks. Egypt really does live up to the hype. Nick did a great job crafting our 8 day/7 night trip. We worked with a tour company called Cleopatra Tours out of Cairo and were quite happy with their guides and overall service throughout the trip. Cairo We started out […]

Nia Does Egypt

Foreign Service LifeTravel
March 25, 2019
As you learned from Nia’s post yesterday, we just returned from a 7 day trip to Egypt. And I definitely agree with Nia, it was a pretty fantastic trip. It’s just impossible to do anything but marvel at these magnificent, GINORMOUS structures that were built thousands of years before. Seriously, the engineering feats they accomplished […]

Egypt Through Nia’s Lens

Foreign Service LifeTravel
March 24, 2019
Cairo Hi – This is Nia and I’m writing my first blog post ever. It was my idea to do a post and I’m really excited about it! This blog post is about my trip to Egypt last week. I thought Egypt was quite cool. I liked that they had lots of monuments like the […]
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