The Grand Unveiling of the Entryway, Living Room and Dining Room (with before and after shots)

Foreign Service Life
February 19, 2019
Hey Everyone – I’m short on time tonight, so no narrative along with this post. I will, however, come back later in the week and show you some more close-ups and explain what I was going for with my decorating choices here. So you have that to look forward to. I still have 3 more […]

One Week In . . .

Foreign Service Life
February 10, 2019
Hello everyone – Greetings from frigid Mumbai (overnight lows of 70 F). It’s no Minnesota snowstorm but we’re staying warm with extra layers. The Indians just can’t get over how cold it is. I am enjoying the reprieve (although I will admit to bringing along a sweater in the evening lately). Strange times. Was a […]

Our Lilongwe Year 2 Photobook

Foreign Service LifeMalawiTravel
February 9, 2019
I have to say, I’m a bit embarrassed to be posting this so long after our tour ended in Lilongwe but better late than never, right??? If you’re interested in seeing the recap of our second year in Lilongwe, this is your post. Just click the image below. It will take you to a webpage […]

STEAM Maker Saturdays at ASB ROCK!

Foreign Service LifeIndiaInspirationKid StuffRecommendationsTechnology/Innovation
January 28, 2019
I’ve mentioned in previous posts how much we love Nia’s school in Mumbai. They just go the extra mile in everything, which never fails to impress me. Take STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) Maker Saturdays, for example, which they do one Saturday a month. The event is billed as “providing hands-on Maker activities for […]

The Best Parenting Books We’ve Discovered in the Last Few Years

Kid StuffProduct ReviewsRecommendations
January 27, 2019
Parenting is hard. Like really hard. Just when I think we’ve gotten through one issue, the next comes on full force. I find that aspect of parenting really exhausting. However, it has helped to have a teacher Mom, a Doctor sister, a teacher sister and a child psychologist sister. They are constantly giving me recommendations […]
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