March 30, 2013


Today we took a family field trip into downtown Lima to see Parque de Las Reserva (or the “Fountain Park” as it’s called when you can’t remember the Spanish name).  We’ve been meaning to get here forever but something’s always gotten in the way.  Today, we finally made it and were rewarded with the most glorious day ever!


First, a bit about the place.  The park is comprised of 13 unique fountains.  It’s open from 3-11 PM Wednesday through Sunday and only costs a little over a dollar to get in.  Some fountains are for viewing only and others are open for kids to play in.  After dark, all of the fountains light up and the largest has a fountain show with lights and music (similar to the Bellagio one in Las Vegas).


We only stayed from 3-5 PM, so we’ll have to venture back at night some other time to see the light show.  Despite missing the big draw, we had an absolutely marvelous time.  Besides food, parks are the other thing the Peru does consistently well.  They’re always well-manicured, spacious, litter free escapes from the city.


We have a small fountain by our house and each and every time we pass it Nia screams with delight.  We knew that 13 gigantic fountains would guarantee some pee-your-pants excitement from her (ha ha – baby joke!)


The kiddo loved each and every one.  She was sooo eager to jump in them and finally got her wish at the end of our visit when we arrived at the kid’s fountain.  I’m sure you’ve all seen these before, the ones where the water changes heights and shoots out and surprises you.  That’s exactly what it was, but like quadruple the size of normal ones.


I wanted to be brave enough to go in with Nia, but I chickened out and Nick had to take her in (I’m not too keen on water unless it’s 100 degrees)


Nick desperately wants us to blend in public, but unfortunately he ended up with two loud-mouthed, attention-loving blondes.  Blend is one thing we do not excel at.  He was mortified by all the attention, but we ate it up.  2 vs 1, girls win!


Some days, parenting kicks my butt.  Other days it is effortless and magical, full of good memories & meaningful connections between the 3 of us.  Happily, today fell into the latter category.  I know “Fountain Day” will stay seared in my memory for a long time to come. . . I love my little family!

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