A night at the Rodeo

February 1, 2009



What a night.  WHOA.  I don’t think you could pay me enough to get on a bucking animal.  I had the opportunity to attend the rodeo on Saturday night with EN.  We had a blast cheering on our favorite cowboys.  I only wish I had brough my pink sequined cowboy hat (just kidding)!  There were 12 cowboys competing for the grand prize of World’s Toughest Cowboy and a ranch in Wyoming.  The semi-finals took place in St. Paul on Saturday night and the finals are next week in Chicago.

It was quite the endurance test.  There were 3 rounds – one was bareback horse, the next was saddled horse and the third was a bull.  All the animals were bred to be superb buckers (which they were).  It looked so painful as they got thrown on to their heads!  I was amazed at how hard it was to stay on for the 8 second required time.  One of the cowboys even got stabbed right above the eye by the bull’s horn.  The level of torture these guys endured – one was riding with a broken collarbone, two had foot injuries because they had been stepped on by the animals recently.  I mean, when do you just call it quits and decide it isn’t worth it!?  I guess that’s not the cowboy way… it sure was enjoyable though!

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