A Winter Fairytale Wedding

February 24, 2009




Wow, am I overwhelmed right now.  As you know, we’re T minus 2.5 months and counting until wedding 2.  I was doing so well lately, mainly because I wasn’t thinking about it.  Then I had to go and take part in my friend Leah’s wedding as her personal attendant where all of the nitty gritty details couldn’t help but slap me in the face.  All of a sudden I’m realizing just how much I have left to do.  Favors, song choices, flower arrangements… where do I begin?  Sure, I have all the big things booked; but what about the details?  Any good event planner knows that a superb event is in the details.  And so now my butt has been successfully kicked back into gear.

Here’s a few of the fantastic details from the top-notch event I helped execute last weekend:

  • A winter themed wedding with over 300 candles at the reception
  • A stunning dress that fit like a glove
  • Matching coats and mufflers for all the attendants
  • Mink coat worn in photos by the bride
  • A choreographed first dance with her father singing the song (he’s a musician)
  • Specialty drink of the night: Hot Chocolate with Bailey’s
  • Appetizer and snacks: Grilled cheese squares, Puppy Chow
  • Fireworks at the end of the night as they took off

Simply fabulous – I only hope I can put together something so spectacular!

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