Adult-ing is Freakin’ Awesome

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December 4, 2017

I’ve been doing a lot of “adult-ing” lately, which it turns out, is ridiculously fun. So fun, in fact, that I recommend you drop everything right this minute and go try it yourself!

What is “adult-ing”, you ask? Well… it’s doing the kind of things you did BEFORE you had kids and became L-A-M-E. It’s going to bed after 10 o’clock. Seeing the hot new artist play. Going out on a – dare I say it – DATE! And leaving the kiddo(s) at home.

We all love our kiddo(s) and our work but the combo of the two can sap one’s energy so much that you forget about all the inherent privileges that you’ve finally earned as an adult! Yes, it is your right to go out on the town once and awhile. To indulge in your significant other. To take a freakin’ bath and not feel guilty! You with me on this one people??

I digress…

Back to my story. So I decided I was going to go adult-ing on Friday AND Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. I know – TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW!?! Crazy stuff.

On Friday, I went out with a group of friends to a Fashion Show at Lilongwe’s fanciest (and only boutique) hotel, Latitude 13. The organizers had done a brilliant job. I mean, check out this red carpet. How can you not feel glam walking in on that?

I know you’re all going to hate me, but I forgot to take a picture of my outfit. Just know that it was awesome though, and perfect for a fashion show. So, speaking of the fashion show…. there were 10 African designers showcasing their designs and intermixed between the fashion showcases were singers, dancers and make-up tutorials.

The runway jutted across the pool and the spectator seats were positioned in 3 rows facing the pool. There honestly wasn’t a bad seat in the house. I kept waiting for someone to step wrong and land in the pool but these models were pros. :)

The fashion felt very ‘accessible’ too. There were actually quite a few pieces I would consider buying!

This was one of my favorite designers “Afro Hoodie”. Every single design was made out of bold African prints (what we in Lilongwe would call chitenje) and most importantly – every design had a hood. Here are 3 hoodie dresses. I absolutely loved the one on the left. What do you think?? Can I pull off baring a little belly at 37???

Seriously, the whole night was perfection. Great friends, perfect temperature, no rain, a nice mix of artsy performances and my favorite…. dressing up! I’m so glad I took a chance on this event. Reminds me that I should do that more often!

But wait, there’s still Saturday! For that night, I told Nick we were going on a surprise date (something we haven’t done since we were dating). I told him to get dressed up, picked a fancy-pants restaurant and then got us tickets to the hot event in town that night – the comedy show featuring the third runner up of Britain’s Got Talent. This may not sound like a big event to you, but I’m telling you, in Lilongwe, this was a BIG EVENT. Good news – I DO have a picture of us from Saturday!

Try not to be jealous of my Adriana Papell dress that I got on super clearance (paid $37, down from $250!). Thank you Herberger’s! I even busted out my wedding jewelry. Because why not? When one is adult-ing, you can wear your fancy jewelry if you feel like it!

I’ve run out of things to say in this blog post, but in case you couldn’t tell, it was a fabulous weekend. I felt so rejuvenated after partaking in adult escapades. In case you, too, have fallen into the trap of staying in every night and going to bed at 10… I beg you, shake it up! Get out and do something unusual. You can thank me later. :)


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