And the Decorating is Finally Complete (Well Mostly)

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October 29, 2009

As you all know, while the location and view of our condo were fabulous, I had quite a bit of work to do to create an environment that felt “homey” to us.  I’ve been laboring for the last 4 months and am finally ready to unveil the results.  Please feel free to share your thoughts!

The complete gallery of before and after photos can be viewed at:

First, a reminder of what we started with so you can better appreciate the final product:

Living Room

And the after shot:

Living Room

And a few more shots of the transformation:


Check out the AMAZING slipcover I had custom-made . . . covered up that awful coral just beautifully!


And some shots of the master bedroom



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  1. Sara Roy says:

    Your living room looks great! Your changes really make a huge difference!

  2. minnesotagal says:

    Thanks Sara- I think so too!

  3. Rebecca White says:

    When I get to Manila…I am ABSOLUTELY going to have to get the name of the person that made your slipcovers. GORGEOUS!! And maybe the chaise too…because I think I want one. Would you be offended if I played copy cat on that??

    I love what you’ve done with the place. It is so pretty. A real home!

  4. minnesotagal says:

    Most definitely not! Copy away – I personally think every woman deserves a chaise! Just drop me a line when you arrive and I’ll give you all my best resources!

  5. eve says:

    What do you plan to do with the slipcover when you leave? Not really something you can take with. Will you just donate it to the next family of fsos who take your place? Just curious. Is there a place to store unwanted furniture that they furnish your apt with and you don’t want? Lots of questions, I know, but we are getting ready to start this state dpt adventure and I’m confused about the accommodations/furnishings etc. Your place looks gorgeous BTW. Nicely done.

  6. minnesotagal says:

    Eve- There are a couple options because the State Department buys their furniture in bulk. So, good or bad, everyone has the exact same couch as you, just in a different print (unless you cover it of course). So the first option is to advertise the sale of it in the Embassy newsletter when you leave, to pass on to someone else. If you’re going to be in the same region again, there’s a good chance it’ll be the same. You take a bit more chance if you’re switching to another region, but there’s still a pretty good chance it may fit (or you’ll at least be able to use it again on a future tour). I’ll send you my email address so you can use me as a resource. I know how overwhelming it is at the beginning!


  7. Wow, what a transformation!! I recognize some of the furniture you have. Your housing looks amazing with the view!! I find that it’s always a challenge to decorate with the furniture that you might not necessarily pick out for yourself if you have a choice, but I enjoy that challenge.
    Housing in Jakarta varies depending on the size of a family, but this is our living room’s ‘before after’ in case you’re curious.☆-living-room/

  8. sarahlynn60 says:

    Wow- totally love your decal! Your sofa colors were so much more appealing than ours! :) Nice work – it takes an artful touch to work with what you’re given, doesn’t it?

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