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January 15, 2010

Photo by Wisdoc from Creative Commons

I’m sure it won’t come as a shock when I say that I’ve been a bit down lately.  The 6 month mark hit hard, compounded by the Christmas factor.  Thank goodness for Rachel’s visit or it could have been really bad!  I’m pretty sure I set myself up for this disaster by creating one of those “check-in dates” when I told myself everything would be up and running perfectly at the 6 month mark.  Well, surprise, surprise – it’s not!  My business isn’t having the impact I know is possible, I’ve met lots of people but haven’t developed those relationships as well as I know I can and I’m not doing a good time of finding time for me (despite all the help that we employ).  In summary, I still have a lot of work to do!

Alas… I’ve been quite tough on myself, especially around my business.  It’s funny because I tell my clients to be gentle on themselves all the time when they’re in a transition period, yet I don’t follow my own advice.  Hmmm… In fact, recently I had even gotten the idea in my head that God/spirit/the Universe had forgotten about me.  That was the only reason I could think of for why I could feel SO READY for greatness, yet have nothing showing up for me.  And so I pushed and then got frustrated.  And pushed in another direction and then got frustrated.  Rinse and repeat was my motto.  Until I had a great conversation with a friend this week who basically told me to let go of control and just wait to see what showed up.

Lo and behold, 4 days later, I am reminded that there is a bigger plan for my life!  AAAAAAH – EUPHORIA!  Here’s what happened… I was at an AWCP meeting in November where the speaker was from a non-profit called Carewell Community.  They provide support, education and hope to cancer patients and their families who live in Manila.  I was very moved by the organization’s mission, as I’ve lost 3 of my Grandparents  to cancer.  My intuition told me to explore this route, so I finally got around to setting up a tour of the organization this week.

I arrived today to find myself in a meeting with the Managing Director, Robert Suntay.  The non-profit is grounded in Robert’s love for his wife Jackie, whom he lost to cancer in the early 2000’s.  He began Carewell as a tribute to her in 2005 and it now serves 300 patients and their caregivers/families.  It is located just a few blocks away from Makati Medical Center, where the majority of the patients receive their care.

I went into the meeting unsure of what would emerge and left seeing EXACTLY where I fit into the divine plan that was unfolding around me.  After my tour of the facilities, Robert asked me where my volunteering interests lay.  I began to tell him about my desire to use my coaching skills to help the patients process their experience more completely and recreate their identity post-cancer.  As I talked, I watched a smile slowly spread across his face.  Turns out they’d been looking for a coach for a long time without success and he was intimately familiar with my coaching school, The Coaches Training Institute.  Coincidence that I ended up there today? – I think NOT!

We talked for an hour straight, finishing each other’s sentences and speaking faster and faster as the energy in the room crescendoed.  It was electric, I tell you!  Wish you could have been there!  :)  I’ll keep you posted on what develops, but our initial plan is to do a weekly group session with patients where I’ll coach 2 people each time (in front of a group of 10-15 other patients).  I’m imagining that to be quite impactful… He also asked if I’d be open to coaching the oncologists, volunteers and support givers that donate their time.  Looks like I could be quite busy!  Who knew???  THANK YOU UNIVERSE, this is EXACTLY what I need right now!

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  1. Chris Coleman says:

    You’re right – there are no coincidences. The exact same thing happened to me when we retired from State Dept. – moved to Colorado – I was floundering – what do I do, what am I supposed to do – sent my name and experience out to the central agency for nonprofit volunteers and – received about 50 requests to help – but one stood out above all the rest – one visit to the organization and I KNEW it was where I was meant to be. Now not only do I volunteer in the client intake area, but I also was just elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the Douglas/Elbert Task Force – we provide a food bank, rental and utility assistance, clothing, and household goods for people who, through no fault of their own, are in dire straits. Our clients, though suffering great hardships, are always smiling (how do they do it?), and I feel so blesssed to be able to spend time with them. I am now, after 40 some years of working, finally in the place I was meant to be. Sounds like you are too – and you didn’t even have to wait 40 years! Great news – can’t wait to read more about your experiences.

  2. Megan says:

    I’m so happy for you! I knew you would find something amazing to do with your skills.
    Shine on!

  3. Katrina Buetow says:

    Hi Sarah-keep your chin up girl! You live an amazing life and sometimes it cannot be going 60 miles an hour. Enjoy the time when life slows itself down because before you know it, you will be at 60 miles and hour again. Also, have you read any of the Joel Osteen books? He is amazingly inspirational. I have 2 of his books and watch him on TV every Sunday. He is all about opening your life to an ocean of Favor and it will find you.

  4. minnesotagal says:

    Wise words, Ms. Katrina… thank you for the reminder. Just added Joel Osteen to my book list, appreciate the suggestion!

  5. minnesotagal says:

    WAHOO! Thanks Megan!

  6. minnesotagal says:

    That rocks Chris – thank you for sharing your story. It’s easy to see what kind of impact that’s had on you! I hope for exactly the same kind of outcome…

  7. Maza says:

    Fantastic! You go girl!! And such great work that you will be doing!

  8. Christen says:

    Hey Friend! So, I’m just going through your Year in Review (congratulations!!!) and I came upon this. I’m sorry I missed this brief rough patch. I so enjoy reading and experiencing all of your joys (and you are full of so many of them – I love it!) that I would be so truly grateful to be able to be there when you need an ear and an encouraging long distance hug. I know you are loved by so many, and I know first hand that it can be really hard to reach out when the funk has hit (HIT!) but please know that here I am in Minneapolis, just a Skype date away. Thanks for all the AMAZING things you shared with us this year. Please know how valuable it has been in my life. Xo, Cb

  9. minnesotagal says:

    I adore you Christen – It’s so nice to have those words said or written to me. It reminds me that comfort is just a call away. Happily, I haven’t had any funks lately and I’m feeling quite pleased about that! But I’m sure they’ll be back again sometime in the future. XOXO, SLN

  10. Kristen says:

    I’ve read a few posts on your blog and I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know someone else has meltdowns in M-town. I’m still waiting for my “ah-ha” moment but knowing you made it through to the other side keeps me sane.

    When I moved to the Philippines, my man told me that it would ‘break me’. Now he’s surprised I haven’t broken … thanks for inviting me into your Manila circle. I hope we can see more of each other when I’m back at the beginning of August!

  11. minnesotagal says:

    I am so thankful we met and know we’ll be getting in lots more face time before I head out. Keep me posted as to when you have your “ah-ha”. It will come eventually – an experience like this can’t help but change you!

  12. ayana says:

    I’m so happy that I found your blog. Thanks for the information on Manila (in case I get there one day) and a special thanks for sharing details about your energy healing session with us.

  13. Sarah Novak says:

    Fantastic – glad you liked it! Manila has been wonderful for us, I hope you get a chance to visit or live here!

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