Babies & Baby-making in the Galapagos

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December 19, 2012

2012-12-17 Day 1 afternoon 082

One of the best surprises on this trip has been how many babies we’ve seen (and up really close too)!  The Mom and baby above are Blue-footed Boobies.  This baby is estimated to be 1 week old.

2012-12-17 Day 1 afternoon 095

Here’s what that chick will look like in a few weeks time, all covered in a downy white fur.

2012-12-17 Day 1 afternoon 118

And here’s a Nazca Booby guarding her eggs.

2012-12-17 Galapagos Day 1 morning water camera 067

And what would the trip be without some baby sea lions?

2012-12-17 Galapagos Day 1 morning water camera 033

We even got to see them nursing!  How precious is that?

Sea Turtle Mating

2012-12-18 Gal Day 2 morn 015

We happened to plan our visit during the mating season for sea turtles.  The turtles mate out in the shallow water during the day.

2012-12-18 Gal Day 2 morn 011

Then they make the slow trek along across the beach in the evening (yes, those are fresh turtle tracks)….

2012-12-18 Gal Day 2 morn 076

At which point they lay their eggs in sandy nests on the beach.  They do this 3-4 times and lay 30-60 eggs at a time.  Isn’t that cool?  I wish we could have seen them making the slow trek to their nests, but this was cool too.

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  1. Norma says:

    Beautiful pictures! I wish I could be there to enjoy this area.

  2. Robert & Joyce says:

    Wow, wish we could have gone. I LOVE turtles. Had one as a pet growing up. Of course it was only 1 inch long. Need more pics of you guys. Both looking fit and tan. We have inches of snow and fierce winds. Love ya.

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