Behind the Wedding: The Wedding Painter

May 17, 2009


Perhaps the hands-down coolest thing we did at our wedding was hire a wedding painter.  Yes, that’s right!  A real, live wedding painter who created a complete picture during the course of the reception.  I’m sure you’re curious how I found her.  Well, my whole motto for the event was that if I’d never seen it done at a wedding before, it was going to be done at ours.  So I called around to various service providers and happened upon Bellagalla.  I was talking to a representative there and asked what was the most random thing they had that was just starting to become popular.  And so I was introduced to this fabulous concept….

Here’s how it works.  You pay $2000 to get your own custom piece of art, created at the event.  We spoke with Nicole in advance to tell her what was important to capture about the big day, in addition to the colors that we liked.  We gave her a list of people to be included in the painting and she painted them in as well.  Nicole sketched through the social hour and then began to paint as dinner started.  She painted the entire night, finishing up just before the dance ended.  Guests were delighted with her, stopping by hourly to check on the progress.  It really added a signature element to our event and now we have a keepsake to hang on our wall in Manila.  The final painting ended up being 3 feet x 3 feet, so it’s really a statement piece.  We couldn’t be more thrilled with the final product!  She really honored our wishes and created something that we’ll enjoy for decades.   CLICK HERE to learn more about Nicole.  Click the link above to book her through Bellagalla.  Here are a couple of shots that show the progression of the painting.






In this final picture you can see Nick and I in the front right corner, our parents in the front left, the Miller sisters up on the balcony in their red dresses, the harp on the left side of the painting, the band in the rear center, and our two friends that gave speeches (Lou and Sarah) next to the harp on the left side.  Pretty cool, huh?

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  1. Thank you for all the kind words. Your wedding was an honor to be a part of! Blessings to you both, and safe travels! ~Nicole

  2. Joan Zylkin says:

    Nice job Nicole.

    Hope you don’t mind if I list myself here …

    I am also one of the very rare breed of Wedding Painters, based in Philadelphia. So if Nicole is already booked, or you are close to Philly, my name is Joan Zylkin and my web site is: http://WWW.JOANZYLKIN.COM

  3. minnesotagal says:

    Cool- I love the concept and hope more people can take advantage of it!

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