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March 8, 2011

So here’s how we’re divvying up the overwhelming amount of baby-related information to learn in Novak land.  It’s really quite simple, I take care of anything that has to do with my body, including:

  1. Pregnancy Health/Nutrition
  2. Birth/Labor
  3. Breastfeeding

Nick gets everything else like:

  1. Creating the Registry
  2. Stuff Research and Acquisition
  3. Diaper Methodology/Selection of Brand (Cloth vs. Biodegrable are the current options on the table)
  4. Sleep Patterns & Schedules

Now, I know you all think I’m a psycho when it comes to planning, but I tell you, my husband puts me to shame.  Ever since we found out about ‘blueberry’ he’s been researching around the clock.  If I’m being honest, I can only handle about an hour of baby research a day before my brain shuts down.  He’s logging upward of 4 hours a day (more on weekends) and if we’re not reading, then he wants us watching product videos on YouTube or Baby Documentaries on Netflix.  I’m totally loving his involvement and commitment to this, but seriously, I’VE CREATED A MONSTER!

Case in point: Last night he asked me to text around to my Manila friends and see if I could find a life-sized baby doll that we could practice swaddling and diaper changing on!  :)  Yes, he’s that guy.  Doesn’t matter if we’re doing a trial run for a natural disaster, terrorist attack or parenting – we treat all preparations with equal importance…

So you can see why I wasn’t surprised when he called me up at lunch Monday and told me that he’d found ‘THE’ STROLLER (Perhaps I should remind you that we’re only 8 weeks along).  I’m not sure when other people get strollers, but it feels a wee bit early, no?  Not for the Novaks.  Less than two hours later I saw the confirmation come through from Amazon letting me know that we were the proud owners of the Britax B-Ready Stroller!

So since everyone in our household is hyped up over our new SUPER-STROLLER, I thought we’d give you a little preview!  First, a 1 minute video highlighting it’s benefits:


As you can see it’s a modular stroller, so the beauty of it is that different seats can be configured and placed based on the size and number of children you have.  For the early infant stages, the carrier will be able to go directly from the car seat holder to the stroller like this.

Once the baby gets past the infant stage, we move to this configuration (the baby can also face the other way too):

And in the event that I ever let Nick impregnate me again and we have a toddler AND infant at the same time, we could do this:

So there you have it folks.  Imagine what fun we’ll have with the 14 different configurations that our shiny new toy can morph into?!?

And now, I must stop playing around on the computer and go join my husband to review a cost-benefit analysis he’s prepared that compares the total economic and environmental costs of Biodegradable Disposables vs. Cloth Diapers (along with his final recommendation).  I know you think I’m kidding, but I am oh-so-very-serious…

Stayed tuned for more updates from Baby Central!


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  1. elise says:

    what did i say?! do it right or don’t do it at all! ;) go novaks! woo woo! i adore the new wheels!

  2. Sara says:

    looks like an awesome stroller! I know one of my key things for stroller was it being light so I could lift it in and out of the car on my own without strain.

    So awesome that Nick is into all the research. BTW, I think cloth diapers in a Yaya kind of world is awesome. Then you don’t have to do the work but get all the environmental benefits. We started to do the cloth thing back in Virginia when Addie was born but during week one when she was pooping through at least 12 diapers a day at a minimum we called it quits. If you can get past the initial newborn poop happy phase where they go every 5 minutes I think you’ll be golden!

  3. Sarah Novak says:

    Hee Hee! We don’t mess around…

  4. Sarah Novak says:

    Thanks for the advice – we’ll see how we fare when it’s time for the real deal! :) Planning’s great and all… until your plans fall apart!

  5. Bethany says:

    Watch Ricki Lake’s “The Business of Being Born”. It’s a great documentary on different birthing options. You can watch it on Netflix online streaming. xoxo

  6. C says:

    If you go the cloth diaper route, I have a girlfriend who is the utter EXPERT of it. Seriously obsessed. I can refer you and she’ll tell you beyond all you need to know and more.

  7. Joyce says:

    Hello Nick:
    STOP THE INSANITY!!! Read something else. There are no sleep patterns, regardless of what the book says. Babies change schedules when THEY want to. Slow down and enjoy watching your wife grow. Novak’s are not this anal. Well, maybe you mom is, but she’s not really a Novak. Sorry we created a monster Sarah. No more shopping as you just have to pack it up and bring it back to the U.S.

  8. John says:

    We took a different route at our house. We currently have 7 strollers – and that doesn’t include the ones at Nana & Papa’s house. Nonetheless, great pick. To me, the most important attribute is the ability to put the infant seat directly onto the stroller.

  9. Christina says:

    Very interested to see what your cost/benefit analysis of diapers is. Scott and I are still debating cloth vs disposable and have preliminarily gone with cloth. So glad you guys are doing all this research, I apologize in advance if we just go and copy you guys when it’s our turn. :)

  10. Sara Roy says:

    Oh my gosh! I’ve been wondering what to get for the next baby, and I think I want THAT ONE!

  11. Sarah Novak says:

    OMG – we just watched that last week! It totally stressed me out because it made home birth/midwifery seem like the way to go and I can’t do that because I’m high risk! It was informative though, even if a bit scary/intense.

  12. Sarah Novak says:

    Yes, please. Will you send me an email with her contact info. I’ll connect her up to Nick. I can tell he thinks I’m glazing over too much when he talks about it, so I know he’d appreciate someone as obsessed as him. Thanks love!

  13. Sarah Novak says:

    Yeah, pretty sure even you can’t stop him Joyce. He’s finding his baby research groove… and no worries about where we’re putting it, we’re just shipping it all to my parents’ house! :)

  14. Sarah Novak says:

    Good God! That’s a lot o’ strollers! Do you really use them all?

    I’m sure Nick will appreciate the affirmation of his pick, so thanks for that!

  15. Sarah Novak says:

    Most definitely – let’s put this extensive amount of research to use! I sent you an email, so check for that…

  16. Sarah Novak says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty groovy. AND right now it’s on special on Amazon so you get the carrier seat FREE!

  17. Caroline says:

    My posts refuse to stay on your site.

    I also have a TON of information on cloth diapers, including a pretty comprehensive primer I can email to Nick. We have been using cloth since Jojo was born and it has been the single best decision I’ve made on any baby stuff yet.

    Oh, and that stroller is amazing. I considered it, but it was out of our price range. I’m in serious stroller envy mode.

  18. Sarah Novak says:

    Sorry, I don’t know why that is! Please don’t stop commenting!! Maybe just copy it before you hit submit so then if it disappears you can just paste it and try again.

    Yes, please send me the diaper primer. I’ll get it to Nick. Do you have my email? That’s comforting to know you were happy with that choice. Would love to know more on why…

  19. LBS says:

    Either order online or download on Kindle ‘Baby Bargains’ by Denise & Alan Fields. It was an absolute lifesaver when it came to figuring out what you need, what you don’t need, what to splurge on and where to save.

  20. Sarah Novak says:

    Thanks Laura – we have it already, just haven’t got to reading it yet! I’ll move it up the list!

  21. Jen says:

    Don’t forget an Ergo or sling (both lifesavers) and can I 5th cloth diapers? We LOVED Bumgenius and between that and cloth wipes, Nicholas had exactly one episode of diaper rash….love the stroller colors!

  22. Sarah Novak says:

    Thanks fore the recommendations!

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