Calling All Curlers!

September 1, 2008

Hello all.  I’m afraid I’m getting desperate.  I’ve had a dream for the last year that I could be a curler by association and belong to the St. Paul Curling Club.  I’m totally fascinated with curling, but don’t really desire to play myself.  I really just want to belong to the club and hang out up in the viewing lounge watching “my curler” play.  I’ve begged and begged, but Nick will have nothing to do with curling (despite the fact that I know he would excel at it).  So I’m putting my plea out to the rest of you.  The season starts in October and you can play on a mixed doubles novice league.  I think it’s something like $200 to play for the season (ice fees and such).  It would make me the happiest girl ever to get to walk over to the “club” and watch you curl, so please give it some serious consideration.  But I caution you, this is not a sport for wimps- those falls can be hard! (Which is exactly why I’ll be ready and waiting to lead the cheering section!)  If you ever make it to the Olympics, I’ll tell everyone that “I knew you way back when….”

If you’re not up for all that nonsense, then consider attending the free curling clinics in October (I’ve attended before and it’s quite fun!).  They also hold office outings- I was introduced to the sport with Target, when they took our whole division there for an afternoon of fun.  Otherwise you can always check curling out during the Winter Carnival when they have an official Bonspiel!

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