Another Craig’s List Home Run!

Greetings all – We’re less than 30 days out from Peru now and the reason you never hear from me is that every spare moment is going into our pack-out preparations.  Any advantage I’d have this time around as a veteran is more than mitigated by the fact that we now have a baby.  It’s quite the challenge to try and guestimate all of the things she’ll need for the next 2 years.

Most of our purchasing is happening at Target and Costco, but there are a few random items that I’ve had to scout for.  One of them was a convertible crib.  We’ve been having Nia sleep in a pack ‘n play for the last 6 months but she’ll need to transition to a crib soon since she’s close to pulling up on things.  I’ve been scouring Craig’s list day and night for the perfect crib and one finally showed up last Sunday.  Based on past experience, I jumped on it right away and sent Nick out with the car to get it home.  Per the dimensions, it didn’t appear that it was going to fit in the car, so he went prepared with rope and blankets, ready to secure it to the top of the car.  Oh, wouldn’t that have been a sight!  Lucky for us, it did somehow fit in the amazing Kia Rondo, so he was saved the effort.

Just look at this beauty… a $600 barely-used crib & mattress set for the steal-of-a-deal price of $125!  It’ll last us several years too, since it converts to a toddler bed and then the back side can be used as a kid’s headboard.  Nia’s digging it too although she’s had some tough lessons regarding appendages stuck in the slots.  I’m sure she’ll learn very quickly though…

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