Date Night: A Relaxing Evening on the Water

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July 22, 2008
Sarah on White Bear Lake

Sarah on White Bear Lake

In celebration of a recent milestone, Nick and I celebrated by taking a 3 hour private sailing lesson on White Bear Lake.  Northern Breezes Sailing School offers delightful packages for either 2 or 3 hour private sails.  Rates are between $200-$300 for these lengths and include a certified instructor.  You can have up to 4 guests on the boat.  What Nick and I enjoyed most about it was the chance to explore sailing before committing to taking an expensive class.  We had discussed wanting to charter boats on vacation, but that requires a certification.  This helped us make the choice as to whether we wanted to pursue that avenue.

What I enjoyed most about the experience was the mix of learning and relaxation.  There was ample time to enjoy a champagne picnic and cover all the basics that are usually taught in a four week class, including terminology, keeling, and jibing.  Paul Kritzik, our captain, was unbelievably knowledgeable and had a gift for explaining complicated instructions in a simplistic manner.  The entire 3 hours was well worth the money!  Consider it for a special occasion, as it exposes you to something new and provides a memorable experience!  I custom-created this with Northern Breezes, so I don’t think it’s listed on the website, but give Lil a call via their number and she’ll help you arrange something.  They sail on numerous Twin Cities lakes and offer classes as well.

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