It’s Days Like This I’m Proud to Be A CSB/SJU Alum…

August 2, 2010

With nearly 1,000,000 hits on Youtube, Maggie and Lucas Thompson’s video “Minnesota Gurls” is a bonafide viral success.  Nothing makes me happier than to see the next generation of St. Ben’s and St. John’s students displaying their pride for our beloved state in an oh-so-creative way!  Happy Monday all!

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  1. Chris Coleman says:

    Love it – forwarding it on to all my Minnesota gal pals, young and old. XXOO

  2. sarahlynn60 says:

    I know, it’s destined to become a classic!

  3. Patricia Neal says:

    So funny! Thanks for sharing!

  4. sarahlynn60 says:

    It totally cracked me up. Glad you liked it! The ‘MN experience’ is truly universal….

  5. Emily says:

    Wow! What a good representation! So those are really Bennies and Johnnies? How did you find it? I love my state!

  6. sarahlynn60 says:

    Yeah, the Alum Association sent it out. It made me really proud! And by the way, I love that you comment on every post! :) Makes me happy….

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