January 31, 2011

On Sunday our good friends Mark and Kristen invited us to join them for Dim Sum at Golden Seafood near Mall of Asia.  Nick had been there once before with them when I was home in Minnesota, but this was my first time trying Dim Sum in Manila.

You could tell this place was the real deal because it was full of Chinoys (Chinese Filipinos) enjoying Sunday lunch with their families.  Tables only came in 10’s, which didn’t seem to be a problem for any of the other groups (who easily filled theirs).  At our table though, we just enjoyed the extra space — which also meant that there was plenty of room for excess food!

And eat we did!  Mark and Kristen took care of the ordering.  We started by picking our Dim Sum for the appetizer course and then went over to the live fish area to select the main meal.  I was blown away by the size of the lobsters and fish that they had displayed!  There was even Alaskan King Crab!

Just check out the size of these lobsters in comparison to the people next to them!  Holy crap, huh?

We ended up choosing this monster-sized Lapu Lapu fish (which we totally finished, I’m proud to say!)  The entire experience was so memorable and one I will definitely add to my collection of fond memories from Manila.  Thanks Mark and Kristen for hosting us!  Kind of sad to think we have less than 6 months to rack up more memories like these in Manila!  I’m feeling Senior-itis already…

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  1. Chris says:

    I miss good dim sum – if you end up in DC for a while – there is a great place in Silver Spring, MD – where we used to live. The Chinese line up around the block on dim sum Sunday! It’s awesome! Sounds like you had a great time!

  2. sarahlynn60 says:

    Thanks for the recommendation! We’ll have to check it out…

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