Dressed to Impress – NOT!

I biffed it BIG TIME today.  Here’s what happened:

I was lying in the bedroom, attempting to grab a quick 1 hour nap to make up for my 4:45 AM wake up (thanks Nia).  All of a sudden our intercom rings and when I answer they say something unintelligible in Spanish plus “Embassy”.  I assume it’s one of the repair people that frequently visit and absent-mindedly rush to the door decked out in my finest casual wear (read: pajamas).

I fling the elevator door open to greet the repair person and instead find 1 Peruvian and 5 Americans, all decked out in their nicest suits.  In that moment I recall a brief email exchange I had with my husband agreeing to a show our house to a group of Bureaucrats visiting from DC.


Miraculously, the telephone rang right as they walked in and I made a quick gesture to answer it and instead bolted for the bedroom.  In the two minutes I spent “answering the telephone” (what I really did was pick it up and slam it right back down so the ringing would stop) I managed to ditch my jammies, make the bed and shovel a bunch of crap in the closet.  I was still delusional enough at this point to think that maybe, just maybe I could recover from this snafu.

When I ran out to rejoin them I scanned the area and noticed our underwear laying out in folded piles on the dining room table.  But that was nothing compared to the kitchen, which appeared as if the refrigerator had vomited (I had just returned from grocery shopping and Senora was preparing dinner too).  SIGH.

Of course they went in EVERY. SINGLE. ROOM. (including the bathrooms).  My only consolation is that the bathrooms looked decent.

I tried to make up for the mess with extra cheerfulness and several comments about how much we loved our housing (which is true).  Nia, however, was not a great team player, deciding to shriek and scream because she thought she was missing out on something exciting that was happening.

Can we say EPIC FAIL?  I will admit that when I called Nick to tell him what happened, we shared a very good laugh.  Pretty sure that’s about the only good thing that’s going to come out of today.  Let’s hope my forgetfulness won’t have any negative implications for him!

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