Egg Huntin’ at the Ambassador’s Residence

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March 23, 2013


As I’ve mentioned before, Embassy Lima does a great job of putting on festive holiday celebrations.  Holidays tend to bring up additional feelings of homesickness and events like this really do a lot to counter-act the pain of being so far from home on these special days.  This year’s event was extra special because it was held at the Ambassador’s Residence, which is somewhere I’ve never gotten to visit.  BONUS!


Grandma Janet had supplied Nia with another FAB party dress and I’m pretty sure she knew she was hot stuff by the way she twirled and waved.  It was a hoot!


When we arrived there were a variety of activities to choose from including face painting, arts and crafts, games and food.  What did Nia want to do?  Stand over by the giant speakers and shake her booty!  My gal LOVES to dance.  So dance we did (we were the only ones, by the way).  We created our own little party!


Next up was the Easter Egg Hunt.  The kids were split into 3 age categories and each child was allowed to take home 13 candy-filled eggs.  It took Nia a bit to figure out the objective of the game, but once it clicked she was totally into it.  .


Here she is, collecting her eggs.


As you can tell from the photos, it was pretty chaotic (the type of environment Nia thrives in).  Her Daddy, not so much… I think he was pretty happy when Nia petered out after an hour of partying.  :)


And what Easter Celebration would be complete without a visit from the Easter bunny?  I am pleased to report that Nia had much less of an aversion to the Easter Bunny than to Santa (although she still did not want to touch him).  I dare say we’re making progress!  For those who are interested, the full gallery of photos can be accessed by clicking on the collage below.

PicMonkey Collage low

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