What You’ve All Been Waiting For . . . A Tour of Our Lima Home

Foreign Service Life
May 20, 2012

Here is is folks, a look at Casa Novak.  We’ll start with the front door – please note the glass door (to offer us as much light as possible in this sunless place), the metal bars, wooden door and outer wall.  8 locks between the outer front door, inner front door and gate.

Next we move to the Kitchen, which is DELIGHTFUL.  Spacious, updated and well lit, we’ll spend lots of time here.

Next up is the dining room, which I’m also in love with.  It has this great chandelier and the furniture is actually pretty classy looking.  I imagine we’ll do quite a bit of entertaining here, especially since it has glass doors that open right onto our backyard.

Here’s a shot from the outside.  The living room is to the right.

And here’s a shot of the living room.  Also quite spacious, but I’m going to need to do more work on this room.  I was worried we wouldn’t get an orange couch again, but thankfully we did!  :)

There were two surprises in our house.  The first was that we were told that we had a 3 BR, when really it’s a 2 BR + den.  This is a shot of the den, which will probably end up being my office.  That means when we have visitors, they’re going to have to go in Nia’s room and we’ll relocate her to our bedroom during their stay.

The second surprise is that we have another family living above us, much like a town home.  It is designed such that they don’t have windows that open toward our outdoor spaces, but we can hear them quite a bit (and I’m sure they can hear our little screamer).  Not necessarily bad, just different than what I was expecting.

The house is layed out in a circle.  Here’s a look at an open space we have in the bedroom sector of the house.  Not sure what we’ll do here either.  Maybe a play space for Nia.  We’re definitely going to need to paint at least a few of the rooms, because it’s a bit cream all over and that’ll get old.

Next up is the bedroom, which is also lovely.  It looks out onto a garden, which I love.

The closet is dreamy too, a huge walk in.  We have great storage options here, something I know many people don’t have..

And here’s the master bath, also AMAZING.  2 sinks even!

And finally, a shot of the backyard, which I’m going to turn into another outdoor living room/entertaining area.  :)  So there you have it.  We’re so pleased with it.

If you’re interested in seeing a few more shots of the house, you can check out the full gallery HERE.


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  1. Nomads By Nature says:

    That is a very lovely home!! So jealous of your masterbath and closet!! REALLY REALLY JEALOUS! Wishing you a great safe and fun stay in your new home with lots of great memories to build!

  2. Daniela says:

    Awww, it is very nice, I agree! I love the kitchen, the bath and the outdoor area. Enjoy!!!

  3. elise says:

    Love it! So happy you have outdoor space for Nia!

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