Fiverr: Incredible Offerings, All for $5!

January 21, 2011

Cool Find ALERT!

My cousin’s wife Stephanie introduced me to this rockin’ site and it feels too awesome to keep to myself… The site is called Fiverr and it lists items and services that people are willing to offer for $5.  My head was spinning after looking at it for just a few minutes…. there are loads of applications for entrepreneurs in addition to incredibly creative gift ideas.  Here are a few of the $5 bargains that caught my eye:

  • Have a Christmas Story written about your child for $5
  • Get a logo designed
  • A custom dog-tag necklace
  • Your picture turned into an anime character that you can use as your Gravatar
  • A personalized happy birthday song or greeting recorded for your loved one
  • A personalized love poem or Shakespearian sonnet
  • Correct your college paper
  • Plan a trip for you
  • Have your tarot read
  • Edit 5 pictures

So those are just a handful of the thousand represented on this site.  It’s wicked-cool.  Do take 5 minutes and check it out.  $5 can go a VERY long way here…

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