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March 24, 2019


Hi – This is Nia and I’m writing my first blog post ever. It was my idea to do a post and I’m really excited about it!

This blog post is about my trip to Egypt last week. I thought Egypt was quite cool. I liked that they had lots of monuments like the Sphinx and the Pyramids. I brought a camera and took these pictures. I decided to organize them by each place we visited.

My first two pictures are of King Yuya and Queen Thuya.

They were King Tut’s great-grandparents. Their bodies had been mummified. I thought that was kinda cool and kinda creepy.

My next picture is also from the Egypt Museum. I chose it because it gives you an idea of what was buried with the Kings and Queens.

This next statue was buried with King Tut. He died so quickly that some of the items that went in his tomb were unfinished like this one-horned ram.


After Cairo, our next stop was Luxor. It is famous for having lots of temples and the Valley of Kings, where most Kings were buried. This is a picture from Luxor Temple, which was right in downtown Luxor. I liked how this statue was looking right at the Nile.

I also really liked Luxor because there were lots of horses and horse carriages around. Here are two pictures I got of horses.

Abu Simbel

This is a tiny model of Abu Simbel Temple. When they built the Aswan dam, the water level was going to rise and cover the temple. To save it, they took it apart in pieces and rebuilt it 200 meters back from the river and 65 meters higher.

Here’s a picture of the real thing. Don’t you think they did a nice job putting it back together?


Our last stop was in Aswan. I had a romantic dinner on the Nile with my parents. I had the best grilled chicken I’ve ever had!

This last picture is me steering a felucca boat. My Mom had to take the picture so I could be in it. I was a pretty awesome driver.

Thanks for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it. Love, Nia

PS – My Mom will have some of her own posts for you in the next few days. She’s still busy editing her photos.

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