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Foreign Service Life
May 20, 2019

So unfortunately the surgery thing didn’t go as planned this morning. We got to the hospital at 7 AM and they were VERY disorganized (seemed to be just opening but I can’t imagine how that can be given they’re a 24 hour hospital). Wanted us to go to the ER to check in even though I was having a outpatient surgery. And then they handed me an estimate of the charges (for which we were to pay up front in full with a credit card) and my name was spelled “sarah norah”. No lie. And the operating room was booked for sarah norah too. Which was probably why they were having trouble finding me in the bookings.

So that was concerning. And then at the bottom of the bill the receptionist writes “+25% for foreigners”, which he explained was a surcharge they have for any non-Indians (even though we are officially residents since we’re diplomats). This was the first time we were told about this and he was not able to produce any written documentation showing us that this was a legit policy.

I was scheduled to recover in a shared ward. When I inquired about upgrading to a private room for recovery he told me that if I chose that option that all of the other costs would go up proportionately. So the surgery-related costs go up, even though the only thing changing is where I would go after surgery. Couldn’t wrap my head around that one and of course, it was the first time I was hearing this.

So about 30 minutes before the surgery was scheduled to start, I pulled the plug. Just didn’t feel comfortable with the lack of information and the organization of it all. Currently regrouping, but planning to get a flight to DC as soon as possible to get it taken of there. I am officially scrapping the plan to deal with it in Mumbai…. stay tuned for more “little c” updates.

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