Galapagos Day 3: Tortoise Hunting

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December 20, 2012

2012-12-19 Gal Day 3 Aft 129

Today we eagerly jumped off the boat, excited by the possibility of seeing land tortoises (different than the sea turtles we saw in the water).  As usual, we saw an abundance of them.  We have a running joke that the boat keeps a few of all the animals in stock and runs over to the island before we disembark to strategically place them for optimal viewing.  I mean, seriously, it’s uncanny how consistently the animals show up.  And I’m not talking just one type, there is an abundance of all the major species here.  It’s nuts, I tell you.

2012-12-19 Gal Day 3 Aft 109

We were scouting high and low when all of a sudden we turn the corner and –BAM- 100-year-old tortoise sitting right there in front of us!  He was such a cutie too!  And the great thing about turtles is that they rarely move so you always get great pics.  Which is good, because I’ve been waiting FOREVER to get a picture of a Giant Tortoise!

2012-12-19 Gal Day 3 Aft 116

We only saw 1 turtle that was near the 100-year-old mark.  The others we saw were young tortoises (anywhere from 5-20 years old).

2012-12-19 Gal Day 3 Aft 012

Here’s a picture of the younger tortoises so you can see the difference in size.

2012-12-19 Gal Day 3 Aft 021

The other insanely cool animal-spotting on this outing was land iguanas.  We saw a good 5-7 of them.  This guy was my favorite though.

2012-12-19 Gal Day 3 Aft 099

He just sat there and let us photograph him, occasionally changing positions to give us a varied shot.

2012-12-19 Gal Day 3 Aft 061

I love how fierce he looked!  Maybe we can bring one home for Nia as a pet…

2012-12-19 Gal Day 3 Aft 094

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  1. alicia says:

    Love these pictures, Sarah. I feel like I’ve just been on the journey with you, tucked into your backpack!

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