The Best of Garage-saling 2011

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August 6, 2011

I had promised myself that Garage Sale posts were over.  I mean, who wants to read posts about the same thing over and over?  I sure don’t.  But then after my Baby Shower I was showing off my “baby stuff room” in the basement and had several people beg me to do one final post with my recent finds.  How can I say no to that?  So here is me relenting.  And I swear, this will be the last garage saling post….. from Minnesota, that is!  (Anyone know if DC is big into garage sales?)  As always, feel free to cast your vote for your favorites so I know what to put Nia in most!


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  1. Chris says:

    Baby NIA is going to be the best-dressed baby in Washington DC and Lima!!! XOXO

  2. Sarah Novak says:

    I sure hope so! :) And all for a teeny tiny pricetag!

  3. Katrina says:

    The black and white polka dot outfit is adorable. And the pink shoes with the silver toe is one of the styles that I bought when I was the children’s shoes buyer at Target. Great picks.

  4. Bethany says:

    The black and white polka dot dress is adorable! Wonder if they make it in my size ;-)

  5. Mandy says:

    Nice scores. In about 6 weeks I’ll be back in the states, from Korea, and will be able to hit up my consignment shops for both my 16 month old and 2.0. (too bad my timing didn’t work out where they’d match seasons completely)

    I’m also a big baby bargain blog looker/shopper. I’ve managed to get 4 20 page 8.5X11 photo albums for free, Christmas cards and numerous things half off. Not sure if you’re in to all that or not. But if you are, I’d be happy to share the sites.

  6. Sara Roy says:

    I really love the black and white dress in the last photo.

  7. Daniela says:

    OMG – everything is cute but the shoes are my favorite, especially the silver ones!!!

  8. Sarah Novak says:

    Oooh, I’m a sucker for bargains and would love to know where you get deals on things. Can you send me a list? Thanks for suggesting it!

  9. Mandy says: is one of my favorites. I’ve gotten quite a few items from them (everything from stuff for me to stuff for Lily) and the shipping (even to an APO) is extremely fast.

    I also like (this site has gotten me 4 free photobooks that are 8.5×11 and 20 pages. I have made a scrapbook for each 3 months of Lily’s life for free!)

  10. Sarah Novak says:

    Beautiful! Thank you!!!

  11. Chelsea says:

    Um…. I HAVE that last polka-dot dress. I mean… it’s EXACTLY the same. I haven’t worn it for several years due to being pregnant and/or nursing and probably not even fitting anymore, but I kept it. It’s in the (tiny) pile of “clothes I hope to someday fit back into.”
    Garage sales are the best!

  12. Sarah Novak says:

    Awesome…. don’t we all have a few aspirational outfits tucked away? :)

  13. Mindy says:

    Hi Sarah!
    Yes, DC does do garage sales, of sorts. (Occasionally you will see signs posted around the neighborhoods). But, what is even better as far as selection is concerned are consignment sales.
    Here is one site that list most of the DC area sales:

    If you and Nick will be living near FSI, then here are some of the sales I got most of our little girl’s cutest clothing:
    Nothern VA Parents of Multiples:
    (This is a HUGE sale and because parents are selling two and three times the stuff, the selection is quite good. Consider showing up quite early to get in line OR plan your day so that you can also take advantage of the half-off pricing that usually starts at noon.)

    Kids Stuff (in Arlington, VA)
    (The church this sale is held in is logistically quite squishy. My advice is to chose one room you want to focus on and then as the crowd ebbs and flows you can manage the hallways to get to other rooms. The volunteers outside can tell you what categories the various rooms contain.)

    There are a handful of others sponsored by pre-schools and churches in Arlington/Alexandria that I have also attended, for instance Mt. Olivet Preschool (thought I can find a direct website for them).

    Also, I have found delightful things at what I think is the most-organized thrift store I have ever been to: Unique
    Do go there on a non-Wednesday and request one of their free membership cards. This will get you a discount to use every Wednesday as well as insider emails about which Wednesdays are the 50% off everything Wednesdays.

    Sending a big hug,

  14. Sarah Novak says:

    Brilliant Mindy – thanks a million!!!

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