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January 2, 2012

When we’re in the States, it’s easy to get lulled into the familiar routine and forget that we’re heading back overseas soon.  By the time we leave in May, I’ll have been here for almost a year and Manila seems but a distant memory.  In fact, with all the Nia commotion, I had almost forgotten that we needed to start gearing up for our next overseas tour.

It wasn’t until Nick showed me this video that I started to feel the excitement building for our next tour.  For some odd reason, this made it feel real because it gave me a good flavor for the culture.

The video was created by Peru’s Tourism Board.  That probably makes you think it’ll be lame and dry, but it’s exactly the opposite.  The premise of the video is that they drove a bus full of South America Peruvians up to Peru, Nebraska with the intent of helping them(the Nebraska folk) appreciate what it means to be Peruvian.  I’m not kidding, this video is pee-your-pants-funny (Think unscripted small-town-America reality TV show).

What excited me most about the video was how passionate Peruvians were about their culture.  In many ways, it reminded me of the zest that Minnesotans have for our State.  I promise, you will heartily enjoy this.  I also think it’ll make you want to come visit us in Peru!

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  1. Emily says:

    Absolutely loved it! Can’t wait to come and visit! ;)

  2. Sarah Novak says:

    Thanks for watching Em, we can’t wait to have you and Andrew come!

  3. C says:

    That made me smile ear to ear =)

  4. Sarah Novak says:


  5. Christie Jones says:

    Hi, congrats on your new post!!! I found your blog while researching for some “FSO’s spouses/family live” info. My husband is taking his oral assessment in two weeks!! Right now we live in Portugal because of his job but the state department is his dream job. Oh btw, I am Peruvian and I am proud to say that you will enjoy your new home for the next two years!! There are so many places to go, beach, mountains, the amazon, etc, etc … Besides the chaotic traffic in Lima and some precautions you will have to take and get use to …. You are going to have a blast. My husband is a 100% American and he loves Peru, so does my mom in law and brother in law. Bunch of blessings and good luck! I am so excited for you! Please feel free to contact me if you need any info. We go on vacations to Peru every two years and every time we go to a new place so my husband can see more of it. Cheers!

  6. Sarah Novak says:

    Hi! Thanks for taking the time to comment! I think you’re my first Peruvian to comment. I’m starting to get really eager to get down there. Less than 4 months to go! Please continue to comment and give me tips, insights, etc as I go along. Best of luck on your FS journey! Such an exciting time. I hope your husband aces the oral! Cheers, Sarah

  7. Christie Jones says:

    Hi Sarah! Thank you for your good wishes! Joe left today for DC. I will keep you posted.
    Lima (my hometown) it’s a beautiful city, you will be arriving in “winter” time, most of the houses don’t have heat but I don’t think you’ll need it.  If you leave near the ocean it will be more humid. I grew up in San Isidro, which I like lot but it is not close to the embassy, you might want to look into Rinconada del Lago, Chacarilla & La Molina neighborhoods. They are all four very nice areas if you want to get a house. If you would rather get an apartment with an outstanding Pacific Ocean view, you must life in El Malecon de la Reserva – Miraflores neighborhood.

    Lima is crazy busy, the traffic is chaotic but for me is home and I love it. Peruvian food is the best, so different and diverse ( just like my beautiful country). Please make your first restaurants: La Costa Verde, La Rosa Nautica (both by the ocean), El Senorio de Sulco and Las Brujas de Cachiche. Oh and the Swissotel has two very awesome restaurants to go to and for a Sunday lunch got to the Marriott Hotel  buffet, you won’t regret it!

    Dishes to try, please try ceviche, tiradito, conchitas a la parmessana, arroz con mariscos, causa de cangrejo ( if you like seafood), aji de gallina and ceviche de pato (if you like poultry, the last one it’s more like a duck stew), asado de chancho, seco de cabrito, lomo saltado (for beef), also try chicharron (fry) they make it out of pork, fish, calamari and chicken …sooo good! And one more thing, is the amazing Pollo a la brasa I can promise you, you’ve never had a rotisserie chicken like this one)

    As you can see we have lots of very different types of food, all delicious and very different :)

    On another post I will tell you about places to go with your kids in Lima and places to go in Peru.

    Have a nice weekend!

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