Gearing Up for Malaysia…

November 2, 2008

Waiting for a vacation to arrive can be so hard, no matter whether it’s a cabin up north or Disney World.  Now take that yearning and multiply it by ten, because I have the most grandiose vacation of my life coming up – 16 days in Malaysia!  Check out the map above for details.  Nick and I will be flying in to Singapore first, where we’ll stay for a 3 days.  This stop will be all about food, the night zoo and more food!  Then it’s over to Brunei, a small country enveloped by Borneo.  Perhaps you’ve heard of a dry campus, well this is a dry country!  Brunei is all about LUXURY – we’re staying in some kind of palatial hotel with gold and marble (typical for Brunei).  I’m picturing sultans and Arabian nights and magic carpets.  We’ll see if it holds up to the vision… Next up is Kuching in Borneo.  We’ll be going to an Orangutan Sanctuary, as well as taking a trek into the jungle to see a longhouse community and spend the night there.  Should be something new and exciting!  Next up is Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.  This is the big city, so we’ll be doing urban-like things (translation: I have no idea what we’re doing here).  We end with 5 days in Langkawi, right up by the border of Thailand.  It’s going to be downright spectacular lounging at the end of 11 exhausting days.  More to come on what we see there!  Only 18 days and counting…

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