It’s Getting Real Folks.

Foreign Service Life
January 16, 2018

Here are the facts:

  1. Nia and I only have 5 more months left in Malawi. Nick has closer to 6 months.
  2. We have to sell a crap-ton of stuff because we’re moving from a house with a big yard to a teensy apartment/condo.
  3. Pack-out will be new and different. The majority of household items will go directly from Malawi to India along with a partial airfreight shipment. A second packout will happen in MN or OR that will include the remainder of our airfreight, new household goods purchased and our entire consumables shipment.
  4. Nia and Nick will be back in the States for the first time since summer of 2016. Thankfully, we should have a good 2 months or so to re-acclimate before diving into our new culture.
  5. We will arrive in Mumbai in late August, once Nick completes training. Nia will be starting school a few weeks late.
  6. We will live in India until summer 2021, the longest we’ve ever lived in an international city.
  7. Despite the fact that we’re moving from a city of 1 million to a city of 21 million, I do anticipate that it will be a smooth transition.
  8. We are going to miss Lilongwe sooooooo much. I can’t even think about how painful it’s going to be to say goodbye to our wonderful staff and those sweet, sweet girls. :(


Curious about our new home? Check out this great 4 minute overview:

PS – There is a direct flight from Newark to Mumbai and lots of travel deals since it’s such a big hub. We expect lots and lots of you to visit and experience the chaos first-hand!

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