Going to the Chapel… (I mean Court House!)

Foreign Service Life
December 27, 2008


In the life of Sarah, things are constantly changing lately… Case in point: The Wedding.  Or should I say Weddings!  Wedding 1 (as we’re affectionately calling it) will take place at this lovely Court House in Maryland shortly after the first of the year.  Nick starts his training on the 5th of January in DC and it was recommended to us that things would be a lot smoother if we were married legally prior to the first day he started.  The State Department won’t allow a significant other to begin Security or Medical Clearance until you’re legally married.  If we waited until May to start this process, there was a chance that he could be sent to post and I would have to remain behind to finish the clearance process.

In addition, there was also a chance that if I wasn’t his legal wife yet, I wouldn’t be taken into consideration for where we got posted (Ex: He could get posted in a unaccompanied post or I may not get medical clearance for the location we got sent, etc.)  It just didn’t seem worth the risk or the hassle, so our parents will be witnessing Wedding 1 at the Queen Anne County Court House.  Cool fact about the court house: It was built in 1796 and is the oldest courthouse in continuous use in the state of Maryland.  Click HERE to read more fascinating historical facts about this court house.

Wedding 2, in all its glory, will be hosted on May 2nd, 2009.  That will encompass a church ceremony and reception in Minnesota.  WHEW.  Lots of weddings coming up!  Hope that wasn’t too confusing… Just think- in less than a week I’ll be Sarah Novak!

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