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August 6, 2009

greenbelt mall

Since my posting got a bit wordy yesterday, I’ll keep it more succinct today.  Just wanted to introduce you to my second home (AND NO, it’s not Starbucks)!  I am priveledged enough to live right next to a fantastic mall called Greenbelt.  Being that I visit her religiously EVERY DAY, I thought it’s about time that you met.  I’ll just highlight her best features and leave the SMUGMUG gallery to show the rest!

There are 5 parts to Greenbelt (GB 1, 2,3, 4, and 5 – very creative, I know!).  The Ayala mall is adjacent and has 100’s more stores but I never venture there because Greenbelt has met all of my needs thus far.  GB 1 has a movie theater, a regular perfomance theatre, a hardware store, internet cafe, grocery store, spa and drug store.  It’s main focus is on household and electronic goods.  It’s my practical go-to stop.  GB2 is all clothes and since I stocked up so much before coming, I’ve spent hardly any time there.  Same with GB4, which features all of the high-end places like Louis Vuitton and Burberry.  Too expensive, even for Manila… GB3 is the main restaurant hub, with equal numbers indoors and out.  It also has a brand new movie theater and 30-40 stores.  Finally, GB5 is the most recent addition.  This one is the most like a traditional mall, with equal amounts of food places and retail outlets.  It’s organized by floor, so clothes are on 1st and 2nd, Kids and electronics on 3rd and beauty places on 4th floor.  This is my second-most visited one, next to GB1.  All 3 pictures are in Greenbelt 5.

greenbelt mall

Here’s a summation of my favorite things about Greenbelt (besides the fact that it’s in my backyard):

  • There are easily 75-100 restaurant choices
  • At the center of the 5 complexes is a nicely wooded park
  • The customary Catholic church is also located in the middle of the park and offers 5 masses a day (makes it much easier to do the church/shopping combo date)
  • You can find anything you’re looking for due to the wide variety of types of shops available: hardware, electronics, drug store, clothes, etc.
  • Most of the restaurants have outdoor seating.  Each has a really unique look with cute furniture and nice place settings.  There are very few chains other than American ones.  The picture below is from a restaurant in GB5.
  • It gives me an excuse to get out of the house!

greenbelt mall

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