The Growing Bulge: Sarah at 30 Wks

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August 11, 2011

My belly is finally getting some substance to it now that I’m 2 weeks into the third trimester.  Nick and I are currently in Bend, Oregon with Nick’s parents and I’m taking advantage of the beautiful views and peaceful environment.  The picture above is a shot from their deck with Mt. Bachelor showing in the background.  It’s become one of my favorite places to take my afternoon nap.  :)  I’ll have more shots for you from Oregon and Washington State in the next few weeks, so check back!



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  1. Daniela says:

    Wow, 30 weeks already!!! Time flies! Gorgeous picture!

  2. Bethany says:

    Look at that BEYOOTIFUL belly and BEYOOTIFUL mama!

  3. Sarah Novak says:

    Sometimes I feel like it’s going fast, other days not so much…

  4. Sarah Novak says:

    Thank you very much!

  5. naomi says:

    You are looking fab, Sarah!! Keep it up!

  6. Sarah Novak says:

    Thanks doll! It’s hard to adjust to all this belly coming at one time… just taking it day by day (and potty break by potty break)! :)

  7. Enjoy the Pacific NW! You are in my home territory!
    I hope you will happen upon lots of fresh berries to feed your beautiful pregnant belly. Blueberries, cherries, and hopefully still some raspberries should be available a plenty there!

  8. Sarah Novak says:

    Oh, you know I’m eating berries like crazy! It’s been amazing so far…

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