Happy Birthday to my ‘Pretend’ Daughter

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December 5, 2010

Until I have a kid of my own, I’ve officially adopted baby Leni as my surrogate daughter.  In real life, she belongs to our good friends Andrea and Brian, who are also in the Foreign Service.  Today we had the privilege of attending her 1st Birthday Party.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite photos from her big day (and yes, I’m pretty sure we were the only childless couple there – but we still had a grand old time).

PS – please be impressed by the collage above.  It was my first attempt at doing one in Photoshop and it took me HOURS.

PPS- All the ADORABLE pics can be found on SMUGMUG.

A few more of Leni’s adorable friends that attended her party (Looks like the United Colors of Benetton, doesn’t it?  Fun to see so much diversity!):

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  1. Chris says:


  2. Hi! I love the collage!!! Great job! I especially dig the third photo of the collage. How sweet is that she’s your surrogate daughter. I hear photoshop collage is hard. I haven’t even attempted. If you would like to make collage, I recommend picnik.com and picasa. I make collages with picasa and picnik.com and it’s so easy!! If you like collage like you made on this post, picasa is good. picnik.com gives more choices as to how you want to arrange photos. Anyways, both are free, so try them! For picasa you’ll have to download the software onto your computer, so if you don’t have much memory space, you might encounter problems. I’m not techy, so I’m not sure. You have some great photos.

  3. sarahlynn60 says:

    Oooh, that’s fantastic. I’ve never heard of picnik.com. It looks fantastic. I appreciate the tip Kaho!

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