“Hello, Mr. President”

Foreign Service Life
January 18, 2009


Never under-estimate the bizarre occurrences that take place in the world of Sarah and Nick.  Today’s story is a doozy!  So I’m in MN freezing my butt off in negative temps waiting for my beloved husband to call me over lunch.  I waited and waited.  No call.  Boy was I crabby.  When I talked to him after work that night, I told him that he better have a darn good excuse for not calling me.  Turns out he did!  His officer class was escorted to a bus when they arrived for class that morning to be taken over to a ceremony at the State Department.  They knew very little about what was happening, only that this was a deviation from the plans.  When they arrived, Nick grabbed a seat near the back but his group was quickly asked to fill in the front of the room, so he ended up in the front row.  Mind you, I would select that seat each and every time, but not my darling husband.  Turns out it was his lucky day.  The doors open in the back of the room and in walk Condoleezza Rice, Laura Bush and drumrole please…….GEORGE BUSH!  The ceremony was short, with the President bestowing the Medal of Freedom on Ambassador Ryan Crocker.  Then (this is my favorite part) after the presentation President Bush went and shook the hand of all the new foreign service officers sitting in the front row, including Nick!  Gotta love that!  Now I can proudly say that my husband met the President!

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