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July 13, 2008

Strange how nerve-wracking a first post can be- I feel like I need to have some grandiose introduction or a profound thought to share.  Unfortunately, I have neither of those for you today, but I can promise one thing from my blog: AMUSING STORIES!  Yes, it’s true.  Strange things happen to me.  I also like to try out lots of new, quirky ideas.  Therefore, I plan to use this blog to update you on my latest and greatest finds, whether they be restaurants, books, articles, or organizations!  I will also enlighten you about my experiences using these recommended objects!  You can also expect to see a few other life updates thrown in, along with the occasional business article or inspirational story that grabs my attention.  So that’s it.  Try not to be impressed.  We’ll craft it as we go.

HERE WE GO!  Let the fun begin!

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