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March 22, 2009


Well, I’m back after a week of adventures in DC.  Nick and I had one of the most “normal” weeks together that we’ve had in a long time.  We managed to have a few date nights at local restaurants, did some shopping and took a walk in the nearby cemetary.  (Is that creepy?  There isn’t much green space around the apartment complex)

Our coolest find of the week was the Air and Space Museum.  I’m sure you’re saying at this point, “Wait, everyone knows about the Air and Space Museum in D.C.”  Here’s the tricky thing – there are actually two of them and the second (and much cooler) one is in Virginia near Dulles airport.  It was basically a GIANT hanger filled with every aviation milestone you could image – the plane that flies at the speed of sound and was used for spying (shown above), the Concorde, the PanAm plane, the Enola Gay that dropped the A-Bomb and my favorite…. the Enterprise Shuttle (also pictured above).  It was HUGE and incredible to see it up that close.  Even Nick thought it was impressive and he’s usually disappointed by the actual (case in point: Mount Rushmore).  Click HERE to see more information about it.

My favorite moment of the day was when we had to pay $15 (for parking, not admission) and Nick proceeded to argue with the poor money-collector about how all museums in DC are supposed to be free and this just isn’t right.  She kindly reminded him that he was in Virginia now and that admission for the museum is technically free.  Nick drove off in a huff.  Poor lady!

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