Holiday Party at Friendship Home

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December 15, 2009

I was in charge of designing a holiday party for the Friendship Home kids.  I was determined to make it highly memorable, introducing the kids to a few new holiday activities.  It didn’t take me long to decide on cookie decorating for the main activity.  Norma was in the kitchen for 2 days baking 60 cookies and making 6 different colors of frosting.  It was absolutely sensational – the kids ate it up, quite LITERALLY!

Their favorite part was the sprinkles, which they’d never seen before.  There was all sorts of curiosity about what they were.  When I demonstrated that they were edible, the kids were awed.  All of a sudden, sprinkles adorned every inch of every cookie!  Just look at these final products!

I thought it would be best to have two stations that the kids rotated betwen, so I came up with an art project as well.  I thought back to some of those classic holiday projects and finally decided upon the one where you wrap a piece of tissue paper around the end of the pencil and dip it in glue to create a Christmas object.  I waffled for a bit and almost didn’t do it because I thought it was too basic, but boy was I glad I did.  It may have been even more popular than the cookies.  Just another reminder that the things I take for granted or consider old and mundane are so fresh and exciting to these kids that have never experienced it before.  So great!  Here are some of their creations….bring back memories?

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  1. Sara Roy says:

    I LOVED making those crafts as a kid! Good idea Sarah!

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