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May 22, 2013

css code

This week I’ve been obsessed with one thing and one thing only: web coding.  CSS, divs and hex codes are all I think about.  Weird right?  I mean, who falls in love with web coding???

Honestly, this wasn’t even something I thought I could do until I came across the Girl’s Guide to Web Design (GG2WD) Program.  Amanda Aitken’s approach is what made it doable for me – she teaches coding in a way that both eliminates the fear AND is geared toward women (via forums, community collaboration, upbeat videos, etc).  It’s been super intense, but FAB-U-LOUS.  I even hesitated after purchasing it, still buying into the idea that I couldn’t do it.  Fast forward to last week when I watched the first video – got totally hooked – and blew through the videos in one week’s time (with a notebook full of notes to show for my efforts)!

Last night it dawned on my why web design and coding set my spirit soaring.  Much like photography, web design is the perfect marrying of right and left brain thinking for me.  My right brain gets the pleasure of visualizing the site and laying out the content graphically while my left brain dives into the challenge of how to make it appear on the page in the way I desire.

It’s a rare occasion that I find a pursuit which exercises both parts of my brain equally.  I never realized it before, but having both my intellect and creativity accessed at the same time is an amazing aliveness trigger for me.

I’m curious, what activities have you come across that draw upon both your left and right brain in relatively equal proportions?

PS – You can expect a super-duper kick-ass redesign of Novakistan sometime in 2013.  It’ll be worth the wait.

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