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April 16, 2009


I’m not sure how it happened, but at some point during the trip to Mexico I picked up a copy of the book Twilight.  Ladies and Gentlemen, it was all over from there.  I had book 1 finished in two days, book 2 of the series done in 2 more and I’d managed to find the third one at the airport for the flight home.  Can someone say obsession?  Honestly, I did not think I’d feel this way about it.  Teeny-bopper books about vampires?  Not my thing.  Yet… the writing is superb, the story-line bizarre but compelling.  I can’t believe I’m advocating for this but if you haven’t read Twilight yet, it’s time.  Don’t rent the movie first, that’s not supposed to be as good.  Start with the book.  I just picked up the 4th and final in the series and plan to annihilate in tomorrow on the plane ride back to MN.  Take the leap on this one, you’ll thank me later…

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