I’m not ashamed to say it… I like folk music!

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November 7, 2008
courtesy of mpr.org

courtesy of mpr.org

Peter Mayer’s folk music, that is.  I was first introduced to him in College when he’d come do coffeehouse performances at St. Ben’s.  There’s something entrancing about the combination of his voice, the chords from the guitar and the tapping he does on the actual guitar itself.  Pure magic!  I try to see him in concert at least once a year.  Your next chance to see him in MN is Saturday, November 29th at the Fitzgerald Theatre.  Click here for ticket information.  Fear not, for those of you who live out of state, he travels too!  There’s a show schedule on his website: www.petermayer.net.  Just in case you’d like to sample a bit of his brilliant music, just search under Peter Mayer in itunes.  My favorites are (in order):

Everything is Holy Now
The Birthday Party
Earth Town Square
Yukon Sally
Molly O’Malley
Christmas Morning

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