In Love with Network Spinal Analysis

July 18, 2008
Dr. Tonnie

Dr. Tonnie

Well, I continue to explore new and crazy things.  I worry that I’m going to develop a complex and you’ll all think I’m crazy.  But I swear, this is one of the coolest things I’ve stumbled on in a LONG time.  It’s called Network Spinal Analysis and builds off of chiropractic care, except minus all the manipulations.  Tonnie Wulff works out of her home in Hastings and her practice is called Wellness Wave.  Basically, she works to improve our neurological functioning.  She assesses the various kinds of trauma you’ve had in your life- chemical, physcial and emotional through a history analysis.  Then she takes a thermal scan of your spine to look for heat variances between the two sides.  Finally, she looks at your resting posture and breathing capacity.  Based on that information, you begin what are called entrainments.

Here’s some background on the theory behind it first.  Forgive me if I don’t get all the technical info correct- it was a lot to take in for a non-science kid.  So….the brain sends messages to the cells all day long and vice versa through the spinal cord.  The body can amazingly handle a lot of stress, but when we incur a trauma that’s too significant for the body to process all the messages at once, it cuts off the information flow to the nerves in that area, creating disease or pain.  There is literally a physical place in the body where your brain stores the stress it can’t deal with- and it’s on your spinal cord.  The messages no longer travel so the body does not self-heal that section of the body.  It just metaphorically cuts it off and forgets about it.  Each vertebrae of the spine corresponds to the functions of a different section of the body.  Therefore, Tonnie can study the scan and then press lightly on the impacted section to “unblock” it.  What this does is opens up the information flow so that the brain suddenly realizes, “holy crap- look how messed up it is down there- I better do something about it” and begins the self-healing process.

Essentially, you are training your neurological pathways to be more efficient and process the messages more effectively by expanding your frontal lobe brain capacity.  It sounds crazy, I know!  Results can range from reduced anxiety, weight loss, improved life balance to less pain.  Check out her website for specific details.

There are open house hours and you just go in and lay on one of the 4 tables face down.  Tonnie rotates between patients and presses lightly on the top and bottom of your spine (where the cord connects to the back).  The places she touches and from what angle are dependent on what needs correcting.  The craziest thing is that she barely touches you, but that’s all the body needs.  It reopens the pathways and improves our ability to heal.  It only takes about 20 minutes for one entrainment and the amount you need per month depends on how severe your life trauma has been (yes, she even asks about your own birth!).

I’m feeling SOOO fortunate that I found this.  After the first entrainment you have to observe your body for 48 hours, as everyone has a different response.  I found that I was exhausted!  I’d sleep 8 hours and feel like I got 3 hours.  I took naps even!  It was nuts!!  Apparently that is related to the heavy amount of anxiety that I deal with and the intense toll that that takes on my body.

I’m so psyched about this right now.  Tonnie is amazing and the place has the coolest vibe.  I noticed that my head was pretty much going crazy the whole time because it couldn’t understand how lightly touching my spine could heal my arthritic pain and reduce my anxiety.  My intuition told me that I’d found what I was looking for though.  Don’t worry- Tonnie is used to skeptics.  Think about trying it.  She’s offering a free consult for July (a $100 value), so you can check it out without any commitment.  I purchased a $1500 plan for 75 sessions (that’s roughly how many it takes to get your body to superior neurological functioning).  There are also monthly plans or the option to pay by visit.  Let me know if you have any questions, because this holistic medicine stuff is hard to mentally understand, but so amazing to witness!

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  1. elyse says:

    Was wondering if I could email you with some questions about Network Spinal Analysis since Im going for treatment on friday/jan 30. Really hoping this will help me!

    Need honest opinions!


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