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February 4, 2010

Greetings readers- I’m well aware that I haven’t posted in days or shown you pictures of our Bangkok trip.  The thing is, there just hasn’t been any time!  We have been go, go, going all day long at which point I tumble into bed exhausted.  It’s been fabulously grand – YAY FOR PARENTS!

I promise that I’ll do a recap of Bangkok.  In the meantime, please go check out the gallery of photos that I’ve posted at SMUGMUG.  There’s a good variety of shots from gold Buddhas to elephants – Thailand was larger than life, all glitz and glam and occasionally over the top.  I loved it!  Possible future post?  I sure hope so!

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  1. John says:

    So true – Bangkok really can be over the top. It’s kind of funny because on one hand, you have this concrete jungle where everything is just different shades of grey and all the smog – but then in between you have all these intense crazy combinations of color, of glittering golden temples and Buddha statues, of colorful glass mosaics, of people wearing bright pink t-shirts. It is kind of like Thai food which is a balanced combination of opposing tastes :-)

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