It’s a Wonderful Life!

July 31, 2008

Okay all, I hope this isn’t too morbid to talk about, but today’s topic is related to funerals.  I came across this amazing website called My Wonderful Life, which essentially lets you plan your funeral- everything from the headstone inscription to music to aftercare of your pets!  You get to designate up to 6 angels to carry out your wishes and they’ll be notified upon your death.  And the best part is that you’ve alleviated your loved ones of all the tough decisions!  The service is free and registration takes less than 2 minutes.  I’ve already created my profile and am going to slowly start working on my “book” of information over the next year.  Here is a sampling of things you can do at

  • Leave letters to loved ones
  • Document the music and writings you love
  • Leave your favorite memories, and anything else you’d like to share
  • Let your Angels know where all your “stuff” is, like bank accounts, wills, and other important information
  • Leave meaningful possessions to loved ones and tell them why
  • Make sure your kids and pets are taken care of
  • Write your own obituary
  • Design your own headstone
  • Upload some of your favorite photos that can be used at your service

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