March 22, 2017


I took Nia to a Malawian beauty shop for the first time two weeks ago. We started with a basic trim because, although she’d like it short again, we have to grow it out for her ballet recital this spring. The best part was that her stylist surprised us by insisting on a full blow-out after the cut. Her first blow-out ever!  Heck, I don’t think I’ve even had a full blow-out before. I was sure she couldn’t sit through it, but lo and behold, she did! Turns out our little girl is growing up.  :)


Since I was so impressed by her ability to sit still for the haircut, I caved and let her get her toes painted too. She had the hardest time deciding which sparkly top coat she wanted, so we compromised by rotating between two different sparkles on top of the pink base coat. I have to admit, I can relate, I find it very difficult to narrow down to one option with so many choices!


And what trip to the mall would be complete without a turn on the crazy music-playing, drive-it-yourself pig? In the States I probably would have said no, but it was about $1.25 for 10 minutes of riding fun, so I thought, why not?


Turns out she’s a TERRIBLE driver. There were approximately 3 people in the mall and I’m pretty sure she had a near-collision with every single one of them. And then there was that moment when I turned to say hi to someone I knew and she actually did crash her pig into this gentleman (who was not too thrilled, by the way). I apologized profusely and stayed faithfully by her side for the remainder of the ride. That thing goes fast though. Next time Daddy can chaperone the animal riding fun.


I leave you with a picture of Nia riding her pig in the beautiful Gateway Mall, Malawi’s largest shopping center (which houses all of about 15 shops). I had a feeling you’d be curious what our malls were like here. :)

That’s it for today. Yay me for getting in two posts this week, even if they were a little weak on content! I gotta get back into the habit of writing. It’s so easy to put blogging at the bottom of the to-do list, but then my loyal readers send messages telling me to get my blogging butt back in gear. And for that I am grateful. You know who you are!

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