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November 24, 2012

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Last night I had the good fortune of attending Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball.  I’m not a huge concert-goer but I’ll make the splurge for truly exceptional performers like Lady Gaga who really put on a show.  As expected, it was one giant theatrical spectacular – complete with strobe lights, glittery costumes and lots and lots of fog.  There’s so much spectacle, in fact, that you start to expect something bizarre to happen every 2-3 minutes, whether it’s a grandiose entrance, a meat couch or a bra gun.

lady gaga 1

Here’s a 2 for 1: Meat Couch + Bra Gun

I’m going to keep it simple and break the night down by Likes and Dislikes.  I’m a glass half full gal, so we’ll start with the Likes.


  • 2 hours of incredible performance.  You may not like her or find her weird, but it’s impossible to deny her talent.  That girl can sing and dance!
  • The funky motorcycle piano (see photo below)
  • No belligerent drunks
  • The costumes and spectacle
  • Her attempts at Spanish

lady gaga 2Dislikes:

  • The fact that only 1/3 of the stadium was full (in fact, we got asked to move closer so it would look more full)
  • A really mellow crowd – it really changes the dynamic when everyone’s far apart and the stadium’s not full
  • The high price of the tickets ($70 for the cheapest – no wonder it was only a 1/3 full)
  • The 10:30 PM start (1 hour late due to being stuck in traffic & technical issues – the right screen wasn’t working)
  • 4 hours spent outside in the cold
  • I like Gaga’s message of inclusion and diversity in general, but it got a bit preachy and cryptic at times.  In fact, some of it just didn’t make sense at all.  Maybe it was a good thing that most of the crowd didn’t speak English…

The Verdict:

I would most definitely see Lady Gaga again, but in a city with a better Stadium and a more enthused crowd.  The show experience in Lima wasn’t worth the high price of the ticket.  I wish I could have seen it in Manila.  Her over-the-top spectacle would be so appreciated there (and apparently it was, considering that she had to add a second show due to demand)!
Finally, I thought I’d end the post by sharing a highlight reel from our concert that I found online.  Sorry about the annoying text across it, but it gives you an idea of what it was like.  Who else has seen her and what was your experience like?


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