1 Year Behind Us, 1 to Go in Lima: The Top 30 Milestones from our 3rd year Overseas!

Foreign Service Life
May 16, 2013


It’s hard to believe, but 1 year ago today, this was us, en route to the airport for our flight to Lima, Peru.  We were nervous, excited and quite unsure of what to expect.  It took longer to acclimate to Lima than the Philippines (the remainder of 2012, if I’m being honest) but we’ve found a nice groove at this one year mark and are eager to see what our final 365 days in Lima hold!

Just for fun, let’s review what we accomplished this last year:


1.  4 Trips in Peru: Huaraz, Ica, Machu Picchu, Lunahuana


2.  3 Trips Internationally: Easter Island Post 1, Post 2, Post 3; Galapagos Islands Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 4, Video; Mexico

3.  Nick settled in to Embassy Lima


4.  Lived (very briefly) in a house  in San Isidro and then switched to an oceanview apartment on Miraflores’ Malecon

5.  Learned to successfully select a safe cab in Lima and have remained crime-free to date (knock on wood)

6.  Hired AND Fired our help

7.  Enjoyed our 1st Peruvian Chicken – YUM!


8.  Nia learned to Swing, Crawl, BiteDO Lizard Tongue and Walk

9.  Nick got tenured!

10.  Survived a horrible bout of homesickness (for the Philippines, no less!)

11.  Became BFF’s with Lima’s cab drivers

skull 3

12.  Saw piles and piles of bones

13.  Enrolled at a Spanish Institute and successfully PASSED my first class!

la mar

14.  Tried our first Gaston Acurio Restaurant

15.  Nick learned to paraglide and flew solo

16.  Became regulars at CityToys and Music Class


17.  Bought our very own Peruvian art

18.  Attended Mistura, quite possibly the world’s greatest food festival


19.  Watched Nia stuff cake in her mouth at her 1st Birthday


20.  Took our little ladybug out on the town

21.  Watched Nia grow and change by the day

25.  Attended my 1st Lady Gaga Concert

26.  Met Santa

27.  Met the Easter Bunny


28.  Played in the Fountains

29.  Went Volunteering at CIMA

30.  Got Nia’s 1st Haircut

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