Making the Intangible Tangible

November 3, 2010

Warning: This is not a standard Novakistan post!  I’m hoping you won’t mind though, as I’d really love to get your initial impressions.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working with Sonia Miller of Success for the Soul on a Vision for my new coaching business, CanceRevolution.  Sonia doesn’t believe in compartmentalizing, so doing a vision for my business ALSO means doing one for my life, as all facets of life are inter-connected.

The process started with me free-writing pages upon pages about the how, what and why of my vision.  I then distilled that down to a Business and Life Purpose Statement.  From there, I went back to my pages of notes to create the final Vision.  In Sonia’s process, everyone’s final product ends up looking different.  Some may end up with a picture collage, some a single sentence, some a page-long vision statement.

Surprisingly, mine emerged as a series of affirmations about who I am (or am working towards) being in the world.  Honestly, the end result surprised even me.  The most amusing part is that I’ve been trying to write affirmations for the better part of a year and just couldn’t come up with any that fit.  Then, lo and behold, here they are springing out of my vision work.  Crazy cool.

What I’d love from you is if you’d read through the list of affirmations and comment on one or two that speak to you.  What was it about that statement that you liked?  Please also feel free to offer up slight wording choices that may make the statement even more powerful.  I’m very open to playing with these right now and would really benefit from some input on them.

I wasn’t expecting to share this publicly (usually this is something I’d just hang on my office wall), but I’m really drawing amazing energy and support from this blogging community and believe you have valuable insights to add.  I also think this is a good way for me to take a public stand for the things I want my life to represent.  Thanks in advance for your input!

PS – If you’re interested in doing a similar vision process yourself, check out Sonia’s Vision Workshop or start by reading her book The Attraction Distraction.


Business Purpose Statement: CanceRevolution shows individuals how to use adversity as a catalyst for transformation.

1. I firmly believe that we are powerful beings who can choose how we want to be with the circumstances of our life.

2. I provide light in my client’s darkest hour, finding hope where they see none.

3. I never stop doing my own personal work so that I can serve my clients better.

4. I live in a perpetual state of awe and wonder.

5. I witness resilience and courage on a daily basis in my clients and never fail to let it move me.

6. I engage with my client’s strength, not their fear.

7. I am an example of resilience and possibility to all who are facing adverse conditions.

8. I stand as a constant reminder that anything is possible in our lives if we listen to our heart and take BOLD action toward our dreams.

9. I create a safe place for individuals to explore what they’re capable of so they may go out and create radical shifts in their physical world.

10. I breathe unconditional love, hope, empathy and trust into the safe space I provide for my clients’ exploration.

11. I recognize that my work is spirit-filled and allow it to transform me as I heal others.


Life Purpose Statement: I orchestrate experiences that awaken you to your potential and enable you to fully embrace your life’s purpose.

Way of Being Affirmations

1. I have no constraints around what life ‘should’ look like.

2. There is a perfect alignment between my being and doing, which magnetically attracts people and opportunities to me.

3. I am intentional about how I show up in the world, striving to be coach-like and in-the-moment at all times.

4. I am conscious of the energetic impact I have on others and use this awareness to ignite a spark in them.

5. I embrace each person, day and opportunity for the gift they are.  I do not differentiate between big and small, delighting in the smallest of pleasures.

6. I am authentically one-in-the-same no matter what setting you see me in.

7. The flow of people in my life is ever-changing.  There are no permanent good-byes, only future reunions.

8. I know unequivocally that I am enough and am using my life to do good in the world.

Prosperity Affirmations

1. I achieve financial success by consistently living from a place of integrity and authenticity.

2. I believe the source of my abundance is also the way in which I serve the world.

3. I trust that with source’s assistance, the money I need at any moment in time will flow accordingly.

4. I allow myself to spend on things that are important to me without fear.

5. I pay myself first so that I can leave a lasting legacy for those who follow.

Source Affirmations

1. Creativity is the currency I trade in, my energy source, where flow comes from.

2. My creativity lies in ideas, in manifesting – taking something from conception to reality.

3. My creativity is the breath that gives life to anything I desire.

4. Source creates through me; I am merely a conduit.

5. My deep connection to Source enables me to give life to my greatest desires.

Purpose Affirmations

1. I am the glue that holds communities together.

2. Compartmentalization doesn’t exist in my life.  The community I live in is also where I work and create.

3. Each move I make causes hundreds of ripple effects that transform my community for the better.

4. I utilize everything I bring to the table, but am not afraid to seek out individuals whose skills & talents complement mine.

5. I surround myself with individuals who are farther along the path than I, allowing myself to be pulled forward by their wisdom and example.

6. I am the creator and manager of a living/learning/healing community made up of people I’ve encountered throughout my life.

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  1. Chris C says:

    Dear Sarah – here’s the thing – it is completely amazing to me that at your young age you are even capable of putting these thoughts together about your life. I am awed by the integrity of your soul – which must be an old soul in your young body. You have already changed so many lives and you’re just beginning. Your life represents so much already. Your life goals are commendable – but celebrate the great things you have done already – just sayin’!!! XOXO

  2. sarahlynn60 says:

    Thank you for your beautiful acknowledgment Chris. Very heart-warming. The thing is, it’s not so much about goal setting but about being intentional about how I want to show up in the world. I’m much more impactful and powerful (in a good way) when I’m conscious of it. So that is my intent here, not to add more goals to my life to-do list. I believe that once you’re really clear on what you want in your life and who you’re going to be, the perfect opportunities and people magnetize to you. That’s ultimately what I’m trying to do! Does that make sense? Hugs, ME

  3. Christina says:

    These are great Sarah, the only thing that caught my attention is #9 under your business. I was struck by the limitation of Physical World. I have a feeling what you meant by that, but I think the words spiritual and emotional would also fit well and make the statement stronger. I applaud your willingness to work with those with cancer, I have lost two very important people in my life to cancer and they both took it very differently based on their emotions, spirituality and attitude towards their situation. Enjoy your day!

  4. Chris says:

    Absolutely makes sense. I’m a “no regrets” kind of woman, but I wish that I’d had the tools you are so lucky to have when I was your age – I love the life I’ve had and am having, but I think career wise my life would have been stepped up a few notches if I’d been able to chart my future more completely. Great life plan for you so far. I so look forward to following your progress through the years.

  5. Katrina Buetow says:

    Hello My Dear Sarah,

    Wow-what a post this is! You surely did some deep thinking. I can picture you sitting and writting countless versions to come up with the “perfect” ones.

    Here are some of my favorites:

    Business #2-I feel that this really gets to the root in what you are doing with your business.
    #8-I feel like this could be not so much for your business, but more as a life statement.

    Life-#6 & #7 were my favorites

    Purpose #5-you have done this since I have known you and still see you doing this in the future. Dan and I have always said that we would love for you to have a meeting with Donald Trump-you could for sure hold your own!

  6. sarahlynn60 says:

    Thanks for the fantastic insight Christina. I will definitely revisit that one. You’re right, I should either take out physical or add emotional/spiritual. If you’d be open to it, I’d love to connect up with you via skype or phone when I get back and learn more about what your experience was like supporting them. Since I haven’t experienced Cancer myself, I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the various experiences individuals have had with it (as a patient or a care-giver). Let me know if you’d be up for it in December or January.

    PS- Did I ever send you that contact I mentioned that helps dentists and doctors add an online presence to their practice? I’m suddenly feeling like I forgot!

  7. sarahlynn60 says:

    Business #2- Thank you!
    #8- You’re right, I think I’ll move it.
    Life-#6 & #7 – Interesting that those resonated most. Very cool. I appreciate the feedback.
    Purpose #5 – LOL, you were one of those individuals! :)

    Can’t tell you how much it means to me to have a busy mom like you take the time to help me wrestle with these. Your support for me is so all-encompassing. What a bright light YOU are in my life Katrina! :)

  8. C says:

    Life’s #5 and #6 struck me as the most impactful. #5 especially, because I firmly believe in delighting in all that one comes across each day, no matter how big or small. Not that I’m great at that, but I’ve really come to see (and strive for that) since my daughter was born. Sometimes all I will “accomplish” in a day is playing with her and watching her smile & laugh. When you think about it – having that day with her IS the amazing opportunity. So it struck me by you verbalizing one of the things I am very much also trying to do in my life. As for #6, it struck me as so common sense, why didn’t I think of that before? And I think it’s because women are raised to do just the opposite…conforming to their surrounds instead of just being themselves in any surrounding. Which is now a trait I hope to instill in my next generation…
    You always leave me thinking, Sarah…thank you for sharing!

  9. Liz D. says:

    You are beautiful, Sarah! Your intentionality and passion for living and being a part of this world always inspire me. For your business, I think #1, 4, and 11 are awesome, and you 100% embody these today. I’m intrigued by #6 in your Way of Being list. This is something I don’t feel is possible in my own world- from professional to personal, from family to college friends to high school friends- each person or setting brings out something different in me, and I also feel there are boundaries that need to be in some of those arenas. Have you found in your current professional, personal, and community lives that you are able to be one in the same in all groups? And have you begun to value this more since your career has evolved? I imagine your previous careers were probably more similar to my current experience, but would love to hear more from you on this sometime!

  10. sarahlynn60 says:

    Thank you darling- so many great insights! I appreciate you taking the time to assist!

  11. sarahlynn60 says:

    Thanks love! Glad it got you thinking. I will ponder your insights as well…

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