A Message from Beyond

July 6, 2011

As I wrote yesterday, I’ve had a fascinating time tuning into my body over the course of this pregnancy.  I’ve realized that my physical body is just another way that I receive messages, just like I can through my mind or my intuition.  The problem is, it’s easy to discredit this source despite the abundance of evidence I’ve gotten from my own body and my clients.  Do any of these sound familiar?  I’ve heard them all.

  • Every morning on my way into work I grow nauseous and think I’m going to throw up.  Maybe I need to think about a new job?
  • My digestive system is so messed up.  I can’t seem to eat any of my normal foods anymore!
  • My heart starts beating really fast when I’m around ________.  I’m not very comfortable in their presence.

What’s the common theme here?  Neglect!  Our rational mind has ignored a problem for so long that our physical body is stepping in to MAKE SURE WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  Kind of intense, I know, but on the other hand, how cool that our body looks out for us in this way!  So just take a minute and review your body.  Are there any patterns of pain, discomfort, etc that show up frequently?  Could they be related to a problem you’ve been ignoring?

So that’s the negative consequences of not listening to our body.  Fear not, there’s also a sweet upside!  Here’s an example of a positive result I had since beginning to view my body as a credible information source:

I woke up this morning at 7 AM after a solid night of rest.  Nothing was out of the ordinary, nothing had been bothering me before I went to bed the previous night.  Something was definitely off though.  My heart was beating fast, my breathing was a bit more labored than usual and I felt flush.  In fact, it felt exactly like a mild version of the anxiety attacks I’d had a few years back (minus the spinning room).

In the past, I’ve responded to this kind of physical experience by going into a place of fear and focusing on what was happening TO ME (often magnifying the physical response).  This time was different.  I knew that this physical experience was happening FOR ME and WITH ME.  I knew my body was trying to get me a message and that I needed to get really curious and stay on high alert until I figured out what that was.

I decided to go upstairs and eat breakfast, hoping that attending to my physical needs would calm the sensations.  Not 5 minutes later I sat down at my computer and opened my email.  The very first email in my box was titled with a beloved family member’s name.  No explanation of the content, just the name.

I knew without opening it that the person named had died.

That was the message I was supposed to get and perhaps even the way his soul chose to say goodbye to me.  I opened the email and my intuition was confirmed.  With that confirmation came a sudden end to the anxiety-like symptoms.  I felt total peace and an immediate sense of closure.

In closing, I just want to affirm that we all have this capacity to receive messages through our physical body.  I’m not unique in this way, I’ve just started paying attention to my mind/body/spirit connection.  You can too!  Just start with the exercise above and start noticing.  Then get curious.  Look for connections.

And most definitely share if you’ve had a cool physical body experience of your own!  The only way to understand these intangible aspects of our being is to talk about them more.  Can’t wait to hear from you…

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  1. My aunt has those freaky things happen to her. She has dreams about a person wakes up and says “so and so died” (usually a relative in Portugal, so it’s not like theirs is the first place to get a call). And she’s always right. She gets them about pets too.

    On the bright side, once when she was traveling and my grandfather was worried about her because it’s been days without a phone call (this was 30 years ago), HE had a dream where she just said “I’m ok, don’t worry, I’ll call tonight” and she did call. So it’s not always bad stuff…

  2. Sarah Novak says:

    Very cool. I have several friends that have this capability and always thought it was a bit weird. Now I’m itching to talk to them more about it!

  3. Carly says:

    What a cool post, I really enjoyed this one! I’ve always thought it sounded crazy, but that happens to me every so often, too. I call them “flashes of clarity” where I simply KNOW something that seems maybe impossible or random or bizarre…and then ends up being true. I think you’re right in that we all have this ability to “tap in,” we just don’t always do it.

    On the other side, I definitely believe our bodies protect us! In 2008 when I had a kind of burnout, I kept stumbling over little ailments but kept pushing through. One day I broke out in hives – everywhere. Even my eyes swelled shut! The doctor immediately put me on medical leave for over a week, forcing me to stay home and rest. To this day they have no idea what caused it – there was nothing “wrong” with me. It was after that, however, that I truly began to get better and start putting up boundaries in my life to keep me healthy and less stressed. I just wouldn’t stop, even though it was doing me harm, so my body overruled me for my own good! : )

  4. Sarah Novak says:

    I love, love, love your story! Thanks for sharing it here. Too cool… it’s amazing what our bodies tell us, isn’t it?

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