The Truth About Money: Some Money Wisdom from Sonia Miller

October 5, 2011

As we’ve been preparing our household to welcome Baby Nia, I’ve noticed that my old money fears are popping up like mad (as they often do during transition periods).  Thankfully, this article showed up in my inbox today and totally put me at ease.  It comes from one of my mentor coaches, Sonia Miller of Success for the Soul.

Specifically, it reminded me of that which is fundamentally true (and so easy to forget): that money is just a symbol, NOT my true source (God/The Universe is).  In addition, there are many channels we can receive through, but we first must be OPEN to receiving (not viewing the world from a place of lack/scarcity).  That might sound cryptic to you, but just trust me and read the article, as Sonia explains is so much better than I can!  And so without further ado, here it is:

How to NOT Let Money Stop You From Having What You Want

By Sonia Miller

As a life coach, I’m committed to helping seekers move beyond the obstacles that sabotage the fulfillment of their dreams.  Over the years I’ve come to see just how common it is for money issues to stop people BEFORE they even get started.

Money issues sound like:

  • It’s too expensive
  • I don’t have enough
  • I can’t justify spending the money
  • I don’t want to go into more debt
  • I don’t have any money… etc.

Money Issues Are an Illusion

The problem with money issues is that they are LIES.  A HUGE COMMON COLLECTION OF ILLUSIONS that many of us buy into.
Beyond that, we SO believe in money issues, that we often don’t even consider a way around them.  Money issues, as reasons NOT to pursue an aspiration, are almost a cultural matter.  It would be impolite to question or challenge someone who says, “I can’t afford it.”  Not only is it the easiest, most acceptable way to be let off the hook from owning your dream.  It is even considered honorable.

Consequently, what often happens when we have a desire is this:  Our REAL fears and limiting beliefs pop up,the money issue quickly comes to the rescue to camouflage the break-through opportunity, the seeker quits on the dream before it even has a chance to see the light of day, and the hopes, dreams and possibilities go back underground.  Done.   Period.   End of conversation.

Money is Not Your Source

We make money our Source: our source of freedom, power, safety, security, and even self-esteem.  But money is not real.  Money is a symbol, and a powerful one in revealing to us so much of what we need to know, learn and grow through in order to ALLOW ourselves to claim the lives we envision for ourselves.  We blame money for what we do not have in our lives and tell ourselves that more money will solve all of our problems.  But none of this is true.

How do I know?  Because I’ve studied money in depth and continue to do so.  I’ve studied it as an illusion.  And I’ve studied the truth of it – the ENERGY of it.  If we choose to, we have the opportunity to travel a journey of expanding our prosperity consciousness.  At different stages along the way, we will discover truths and myths about money and will have the opportunity to practice principles that will liberate us more and more from the “prison” that money can be… whether you have little of it and seek to have more, or whether you have a lot of it and seek to protect and preserve what you do have.

In light of this, I’d like to offer a way to NOT let money stop you from having what you want.  Not only this, but what I’m about to share will give you a way to open up to and begin receiving more and more of the infinite supply that comes from Source Energy.  When it comes to money, there is only ONE SOURCE and infinite channels.  If one channel dries up, another one is always available, IF you stay open enough and are willing to receive from expected AND unexpected channels.

How to NOT Let Money Stop You From Having What You Want:

  1. First, you must understand that change, transformation and manifestation begin with a DECISION.  Very honestly ask yourself, “What do I want?  What do I REALLY, REALLY want?”  You may be facing a decision, an opportunity, or simply a desire that is welling up within you.  Letting yourself want what you want isn’t about what you “think you can have,” or what you “should want.”  It is about owning your deepest heart’s desire.
  2. Then you must ask yourself, “If there were nothing holding me back (no fear, no perceived limitation) would I ALLOW myself to have it?  Would I claim it as mine?  Would I receive it into my life?”
  3. If the answer is YES, you’re done with half the battle.  The next step is to OWN your truth and turn it over to Source.  This is where you declare: “Okay Source… this is what I want. I’m ready to receive it. Show me the way!”  Then listen and watch for guidance.  You may experience an Aha moment, get a great idea, or suddenly be willing to do something you weren’t willing to do before – now that you know you’re committed.  You may even want to sit quietly and write a massive brainstorm list of possible ‘Hows’ (i.e. resources, methods, ways your dream could manifest).  However, remember, these are only EXPECTED channels and you MUST stay open to UNEXPECTED channels.
  4. Finally, remain open.  Watch for leads from the Universe and act on them with no attachment.

Receiving the Solution

When you are faced with a desire and your response is, “Oh, I want to, but I can’t. I don’t have the money,” you are essentially slamming the door shut in the Universe’s face!  If you say, “No, I can’t,” that’s exactly what you’ll manifest.  You ARE that powerful.

The Universe is already whole, complete and infinite in supply.  There is NOTHING absent or lacking.  This means that for every perceived problem there is simultaneously a solution available.  And for every question there is the highest good answer simultaneously available.  If we stay open and declare acceptance and receptivity for the way to be shown (IF it is in alignment with our soul’s highest Good), then we can RECEIVE the solution.  If, however, we declare, “No,” that becomes the only possibility.

Are you willing to allow MORE and BETTER in to your life?  Are you willing to let go of thinking that YOU (the small Ego-you) must find the solution, and instead open up to the power of the Bigger You (your soul, connected to Source)?

International Life Coach, Sonia M. Miller, is the author of Amazon’s #1 Metaphysical book, “The Attraction Distraction: Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You and How to Get Results Finally!” For her FREE prosperity audio entitled “Manifesting Prosperity – The 5 Must-Have Mind-Sets” and special report: “How to Unleash the Magic When the Law of Attaction DOESN’T work for You” go to:

PS – I HIGHLY recommend her book, The Attraction Distraction.  One of my absolute faves on manifesting what you want in your life!

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your usually keen powers of observations don’t seem to apply to economics, I’m afraid.

    Taken to larger level, this attitude that money is imaginary, and crass, simplistic ideas like living with in your means are the source of poverty is exactly why your husband and the rest of the State Department are (undeservedly, imo) getting pay cuts. Because the money simply isn’t there. Because no matter how hard you wish, even the largest balance sheet can take on too much debt, and even the richest people and countries can spend their way to ruin.

    The leaders of the free world seem to have bought your argument that the Universe will do their bidding through sheer visualization. No matter how many social promises and imperial adventures our country embarked on, our leaders assumed, as your life coach does, that the money would always be there. How does this apply to you? When the fiscal shit hits the fan, the state department gets splattered. No congressman will ever lose his job over cutting State.

    Here’s another acronym to add to your list: RIF. It stands for “Reduction In Force.” I suppose, unofficially, “Right In the Face” would be just as apt. State department veterans of the 1990s will remember when 50% of some A100 classes were eliminated practically overnight. It could happen again; I hope it does not, but with a housing crisis far deeper than the S&L crisis of the early 1990s and with your dear old USG the largest debtor the world has ever known, it is a real possibility. Maybe if, as a government, and as individuals, we hadn’t thought of money as something illusory that would always be there for us if we wished it, these “uncertain times” might not feel so uncertain.

    p.s.: I don’t know you, I just read your blog, I don’t work for the government, so don’t think this is like some sort of creepy e-mail from The Bureaucracy trying to tell u something. Oh, and congrats on the baby. Pro tip: huggies diapers leak, buy pampers.

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