My secret addiction.

September 30, 2008

I profess to be a non-TV girl, but I must confess that my secret addiction is Grey’s Anatomy.  I fully blame Dana for getting me hooked on Grey’s.  I had made it through two entire seasons without succumbing to the hype.  I was so proud of myself.  Then one night in a moment of weakness I agreed to watch just one episode (I was sure I wouldn’t like it) and before I knew it I found myself watching all 40-some episodes over Christmas and New Year’s of 2006.  That was some serious catch-up work.  So now I’m hooked, but surprisingly my favorite part about Grey’s is not actually watching the show, it’s reading the Writer’s Blog and listening to the official FREE podcast!

Let’s start with the blog:  This fabulous blog usually goes up the day after the show.  The reason I love it is because they tie together all the themes and help you pick up on things you missed.  It adds a whole new level to the show, plus you get to hear from the writer of that episode and see what they took into account as they wrote it.

The Official Grey’s Podcast is available on Itunes and comes out weekly after a new show.  The two producers (Shonda and Betsy) put together a 15-30 minute segment.  They mix it up by talking about their favorite moments of the most recent episode and hinting at what’s to come for the future.  Shonda is an especially gifted writer and it’s fascinating to take a peek inside her head and hear where some of these crazy plots came from.  I hope these two additions help take your Grey’s viewing experience to the next level!

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