Nia @ 5 Months

Washington, DC
March 22, 2012

Well, here she is in all her drooling glory!  We garnered quite a few looks from the passing Business People as we went about our afternoon ‘photo shoot’ in front of an office building that had this lovely bed of tulips!  I mean, how could I not shoot there???  Hope you enjoy them!  You’ll notice that she’s taken quite a liking to her feet this month…

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  1. Libby says:

    These pics are so cute! What a great idea to use the bumbo chair! Of course you needed to shoot there :) I just love them all and wish I could give Nia a big hug!

  2. Naomi says:

    Oh she is PRECIOUS! Love that furrowed brow!

  3. Nomads By Nature says:

    NIA IS ADORABLE!! She just keeps getting cuter, if that was even possible! Great use of public space and pretty flowers ~ I would have done the same :)

  4. Sarah Novak says:

    We’ll be home in a week Libby – maybe a play date is in order? :)

  5. Sarah Novak says:

    Me too!

  6. Sarah Novak says:

    Ha! Maybe…

  7. Sarah Novak says:

    Just making use of what I’ve got… wonder what I’ll find in Peru!?

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