Nia Meets Santa – Well, Kind Of

Foreign Service LifePeru
December 10, 2012


Tis the season for holiday parties!  Saturday was one of our first Embassy ones, a “Morning with Santa” for the kiddos.    It was beautifully done – bouncie castles, face painting, santa, food, crafts, music… just lovely and for not only the Americans, but the Peruvian employees and their kids too!


You can’t tell it by the photos, but we missed the memo on the dress code.  Oh yeah, I pulled out Nia’s fanciest party dress, I wore a skirt and Nick wore his best polo (ok, he wouldn’t cooperate).  Big oops.  Not only were people NOT in dresses, they were in SUPER CASUAL t-shirts and shorts.  Oh well, as Janet always says, better to be over than under-dressed!


Ms. Nia was a dancing monster.  She rocked it out for an hour straight!  Here’s a short clip of her dancing:


Santa, on the other hand, was not so popular…


We spent quite some time observing in advance, hoping that she’d cooperate.


No such luck!  Our feisty little girl wanted nothing to do with Santa.  If there’s one thing I can say for certain about Nia, it’s that she knows what she does AND DOESN’T (in this case) WANT.


Happy Holidays to all of you and hope you’re having a marvelous season full of parties with people you love!

Interested in seeing the full gallery of photos?  CLICK HERE.

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