Nia’s 1st Haircut

Foreign Service Life
May 13, 2013

972227_10151668415116663_369871229_nWell, we made it nearly 19 months before having to trim those beautiful blonde locks…. I delayed as long as I could, but her bangs were starting to cover her eyes and the stubborn kiddo refuses to wear clips for me (but she’s just fine doing it for the nanny).  So off we went to the Jockey Plaza Mall to the kiddy hair shop called Safari Kids.

943138_10151668412546663_171698181_nI should start by saying that I was expecting this to go horrendously.  My child doesn’t even like to be restrained long enough to receive a hug, let alone sit still in a chair and let someone touch her hair.  To combat this, we employed a multi-pronged distraction technique, complete with TV, books, toys, the car chair and our magic weapon: ICE CREAM (with a little bitty fun spoon).

Much to my surprise, our tactics worked.  She did try to pull off the cape a few times and she swatted at the guy while he was trying to cut her bangs, but I found that if I just shoved a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth she’d become distracted by the yummy-ness (Not too surprising honestly, since she is the daughter of an ice cream addict and all).

428395_10151668413706663_539615873_nSo folks, the motto of the story is: ice cream is the answer to all problems!

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  1. Yvonne says:

    I just love your blog Sarah! You have done a wonderful job keeping us all interactive with the lives of the Novaks! Don’t forget to save Nia’s locks for her memory book! They are so precious!

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